Those columns look awful.

  1. It wouldn't be //that// bad if the columns were in the corners rather than stacked together. Maybe even add more columns across just to block the view of the ugly house.

  2. What even is inside the part held up by the columns, some really low ceiling bedroom!? And is it worth having, since it makes sure you will never have sunshine on your balcony?

  3. This looks like you had a budget of a million dollars but asked a 5 year old to draw up a house.

  4. It’s like the owner is some guy that works at some building material warehouse and used the extra parts lying around.

  5. lol yup. However a good designer can still make a good house out of scrapped materials. My friends dad built her house out of extra materials from his job sites and her house is gorgeous. Definitely a little mismatched here and there but in a kinda cute way.

  6. Absolutely would not surprise me if this was in the Rio Grande Valley. Mish mash of leftovers from other building projects or whatever they got bulk for “free” or extreme discount.

  7. It looks like there’s no bottom/doesn’t end. What is that little window? Is that a bathroom? That column sticks out like a misplaced design choice in a goth-era themed house, also please don’t tell me it’s off center. And someone didn’t know what the hell they were doing with that brick and color placement.

  8. Now that poor homie that was just there as a laborer bringing bricks to the masons can't even drive to work.

  9. Reminds me of a Sims house when I have to move in 4 more people and there arent enough toilets or bedrooms.

  10. It's like in those games where you just place the object first randomly next to each other and then zoom in and move them to the desired position

  11. Most likely off center. Can almost guarantee this photo was taken in West Africa, I’m from the US and I’ve been to a few countries there over the years. The houses there can look beautiful on the inside, but one thing pretty much all houses have in common, atrocious column design. Nothing every matches up square. further evidence for location is the brick courtyard/driveway, water recycling on the left of the house, and stone wall surrounding the property. If I’m willing to guess I would say Ghana, could be wrong though

  12. There's something weird about how they are flat with no racking. I know some racking is low profile but they look like they are just sitting right on the roof. You need something to ground them and keep the conductors off the roof. It makes me wonder if this image is fake.


  14. I was going to say, this looks like a house you’d find in Ghana or Nigeria. I was looking at some real estate there and noticed this theme of really elaborate exteriors with rather mundane interiors. It was really interesting.

  15. Reminds me of how I build houses in Minecraft and forget halfway what I was doing or wanted it to look like.

  16. The columns blocking the view from the tiny window…the huge but somehow dark and gloomy balcony…the niche that prevents you from opening your front door fully and makes it impossible to move furniture into the house…all the textures…all this suddenly makes me grateful to live in a country where I need a government permit to change roof tiles from grey to black.

  17. The balcony has almost no light, nice! The windows in the room that lead to the balcony are almost pointless. The columns aren't even centered!

  18. This makes me so upset. Nothing is correct. The windows, the masonry, the light fixtures, the roof, the balcony, the solar panels. Maybe the pavers on the ground are okay but based by their okay-ness this contractor didn’t do it

  19. Ironically if they were at the edges of the cantilever, and done in the same stone/brick as the face of the home it would be infinitely better. Even between them a planter partition in the same material or the stucco style would make it much more appealing.

  20. When I lived in Fairfax County(VA), during the 90’s, the nice 3/1 ramblers were getting turned into these “McMansions.” The County had a “setback” rule so you couldn’t just widen the house toward your neighbors 1/4 acre lot. So, they built straight up

  21. The home owner probably designed this himself and he’s probably completely unaware of how atrocious it is. In fact he will probably brag about it to his friends.

  22. Obviously a very formal petrol station. “Would sir care for unleaded or premium unleaded?” “Diesel for madam; would 5 gallons be enough?”

  23. The architect should be shot and his house burned to the ground. This house should be as well. Its a fucking disaster.

  24. The columns ALWAYS goes to the corners! It's obvious! Like putting the walls in vertical! Also, the resto of the house in place and out of place at the same time, it's horrible.

  25. If it was split with one on each one end it would look okay. Or even if it was centered. But having it be gold and off center makes it look like a spare part.

  26. I think it's a clever bit of design, as they initially take the eye away from the rest of the monstrosity.

  27. Guessing Thailand or Malaysia. For some reason people in Malaysia love bricking or cementing their entire yards. I don’t get it and it’s ugly af.

  28. No one will probably get this reference, but its like trying to build a house in the Simcity 3000unlimetd building architect tool program.

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