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  1. If anyone can give me confirmation if UWP cracks of Gears of War UE, Gears of War 4 and Halo Wars 2 work on windows version 1909 it would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

  2. I just requested a crack of Yakuza Like a Dragon from ElAmigos, and was told "Denuvo crack time = 3 to 3000 days" 😅

  3. Can anyone enlighten me? Why does MW 2019 still remain uncracked? What makes it so secure? Why can't they crack MW 2019 when they cracked MW 2 remastered?

  4. ffs can people stop begging to crack this game? the only thing you would be able to play anyways is a 5 hour campaign, everything else is online only. Actually the whole game is online only so just STOP ASKING

  5. Ac Valhalla gets 1.1.2 uptade with River Raid dlc today and first big story dlc in April so fingers crossed :D

  6. sorry, what does that mean for cracks exactly? That the crack developers are waiting for all dlcs to release?

  7. What do you expect? It is a Square Enix game after all so you can rest assure the Dreadful "D" is gonna be inserted. They put DeadNOvote even on FREE games like Captain Spirit, what more on one of their prized and beloved IPs like Kingdom Hearts

  8. It isn't looking good, CPY is on a long break and Empress was the only other active Denuvo cracker recently. I'm still hoping for Codex to take another swing at Denuvo but that doesn't look likely either.

  9. Thanks a lot Namco Bandai for giving us Little Nightmares 2 without the XTRA LOA**'D'**, you're amazing. Keep it up 🙂👍

  10. how long do you think before ac Valhalla gets cracked cus im thinking of buying it but dont really want to waste my money

  11. What do you mean? I update this list frequently. If I missed a DLC or update, tell me so I can update. I can't keep track of all these games without people telling me

  12. I really hope that the steam version of Forza Horizon 4 will get properly cracked by the scene, thanks in advance and crossing fingers for you CODEX!!

  13. Denuvo isnt a nightmare more trouble is its gonna out on battle.net so maybe online only. like CoD

  14. Crash Bandicoot 4 will be released later this year, exclusive to Battle.net, likely going to be always online like the rest of the games on battle.net

  15. Although I've bought Anno 1800, Ubisoft's spam and bloatware app Ubisoft connect does not let me play because their server is down. I am back to

  16. can anyone give some information about f1 19/20 is it already done or? or someone has a method or website?

  17. Odyssey was cracked in ~90 days and Valhalla has been around that long, so I hope it's sometime this month :) but yeah nobody really knows how long a crack takes. It can be a day or a year!

  18. Well...here's hoping that this month we finally get Assassin's Creed Valhalla cracked, I remember that Origins was cracked in February of 2018, wonder why did CPY disappear again, both then again the scene has it's own agenda, EMPRESS all eyes are on you!

  19. Is there a list of games that have never had denuvo removed from it? It'd be nice to point to that list when you say "DRM gives games a lifespan".

  20. I'm not even surprised why empress has not cracked a new game after the coments she received on her topic that day. But then again she should not bother with those people, they are just denuvo suporters downvoting everything and comenting with hate around here.

  21. Is there any reason why Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon hasn't been cracked yet? I'm seeing Yakuza Remastered Collection on the upcoming lists on various sites but Y7 still remains to be cracked. I'm very confused.

  22. Yakuza 7 has denuvo protection and collection has no protection simple is that denuvo means wait months or even years for crack

  23. thankfully your shit request never happened and donators are not simps that want these lootboxes riddled games

  24. Immortals Fenxy Rising gets its first big dlc includes New God expansion new gear and abilites its coming on January 28th so now its makes more sense that Empress cracks it next

  25. I just wanna ask one more thing that is how do i get these games like gang beasts and raft to run on multiplayer.

  26. Yes, it's early access so it maybe wont show up on here or torrent sites. Check CSRINRU if unable to find it elsewhere

  27. I wonder if anyone's gonna repack, Police Simulator: Patrol Duty, or is this game shitty, and that's why it's getting ignored

  28. As I noticed today, It seems Denuvo has been removed from "Police Simulator: Patrol Duty", update the list If It is possible please, CODEX release.

  29. Thanks a lot IO Interactive for bringing HITMAN 3 without the destructive DRMs, you're the BEST guys 😎

  30. I have a question. Why is " Immortals Fenyx Rising" considered as uncracked but on some "well-known" websites is available to download the cracked game?

  31. Let's make a new Obsolete games list You know for games that almost probably will never be cracked like FIFA 20 or F1 19 or bullshit indies like Maneater or Fe To make the upcoming list easier to comprehend and track

  32. Unlike how DRM used to be where a code unlocks the game, Denuvo integrates the game code with DRM, essentially making it much more difficult to bypass.

  33. Denuvo Anti-Tamper, more commonly known as Denuvo, is an anti-tamper technology and digital rights management scheme developed by Austrian software company Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH, a subsidiary of Irdeto. next time just use something called "google".

  34. I really hope that the developers of Horizon Zero Dawn finally launch patch 1.10 by the end of this week. I have been waiting since August for the issues of the game to be solved, and I am not touching Cyberpunk 2077 before patch 1.1 which has a high chance of coming out this Friday or Friday next week...

  35. Does Scott Pilgrim VS the World have denuvo? Seeing it is published by ubisoft and is already out, but isn't on the D-list or cracked yet

  36. i mean there's only one person cracking it and it's not like it's easy to do so, maybe CPY comes back at the end of the year and drop like 6 cracks in a row again lol

  37. Hopefully not. No game is uncrackable, even Denuvo admitted this. Once one game is cracked it should be much easier for them to crack the others.

  38. It is an honor for me, to write the 1000th comment in this discussion. Just hoping that there will not be any table of uncracked games!

  39. I'm suspecting it won't because IO Interactive is publishing it this time around (not Squenix/Warner), and in Twitter the devs were vocal about some bad reception due to Denuvo being implemented in Hitman 2. But this is all speculation on my part, I could be wrong. So far it's not confirmed, so we'll have to wait a couple of days.

  40. Given how useful the online component of the game is, I don't think it will be worth playing the cracked version.

  41. Assasins Creed Odyssey the fate of atlantis v1.5.3 version crack its not working and need a new crack of final uptade v1.5.4 new crack please

  42. Valhalla is not really in a very good state anyway. Wait a year or so when it's actually polished and then buy it super cheap.

  43. Just noticed that the Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster has been added to the upcoming Denuvo protected games. Has this been confirmed or just speculation? I really goddamn hope it's not true, the listing on the EA website doesn't say anything and googling doesn't give any definitive results. Anyone have any concrete evidence so far?

  44. Damn, people here must be tired by this question already... If I ignore the fact that nobody knows when ANY crack will be released.

  45. Same, except since I live in Asia and there is no existing Asian version, I can't even play it legit yet.

  46. https://www.reddit.com/r/CrackWatch/comments/kslxoz/anno1800crackfixempress/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

  47. Disable anti-virus during the install. The only uplay titles that worked cracked was FC5 and WD2 without disabling.

  48. Yakuza Remastered Trilogy and Yakuza 6 are coming to the PC this year so they should prolly be added to the Upcoming Denuvo Games list marked with *A*

  49. Y1K and Y2K didn't have Denuvo. Doubt Y3, 4 and 5 will have it, but Y6 most likely will as it will likely be near full priced title.

  50. It's a good thing Empress is around, since even though CPY cracks a lot of games, they tend to hibernate for a long time too. Like they are cracking games and saving it till a certain period, then BOOM! They appear out of nowhere and drops those games left and right. Then just like that vanishes again for a year or more. At least with Empress, we are fed consistently, even if takes sometime in-between cracked games. Hoping Empress can get SW Squadron, AC: Valhalla, WD3, LiS2, TH - Pro Skater 1&2, Fenyx Rising, Yakuza LAD, DiRT 5, in the near future

  51. It's a lot of games to do at once. But hopefully since she has managed to crack Anno, she'll be able to crack Valhalla and Legion easily enough, since they have a similar system.

  52. There is a star in upcoming section of fitgirl website it can be nothing or we can assume that she indicates something big is coming from empress very soon when we think about their relationship in rdr 2

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