1. Aren’t let’s plays and playthroughs different? Let’s Plays are usually the ones where the person talks. So they probably searched up a let’s play instead of a playthrough

  2. Nah pretty sure they’re used interchangeably. The main difference being whether is a casual playing series vs. a complete playthrough to show the game in its entirety. Although that’s not even a hard fast rule.

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  4. Some aren’t as bad like theradbrad he does the intro which is kinda cringe but is usually silent for like the rest of the video.

  5. I don't get watching a let's play with no commentary. I get disliking loud and cringy personalities, but watching a game, especially an older one which little to no dialogue, and no commentary is just plain boring.

  6. To you, maybe, but there’s clearly a market for it. And anyway, they’re separate entities. When you watch gameplay with commentary, you’re most likely watching it for the commentary or for the person doing the commentary. When you watch gameplay without commentary, you’re watching it for the game. Now, of course, you could still experience the game while watching a video with commentary, but the experience is just different, you know?

  7. I personally prefer let’s plays like that, usually I only ever look up no commentary walkthroughs unless I’m stuck in a game and just need a quick answer as to what door I’m supposed to open

  8. My friend Picklarium recently made a channel with no commentary/full playthroughs of many different games. Idk if there are rules here against promoting others but go check him out if you like silent playthru

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