1. I've seen it all over the place in anime circles, so it's not exactly that funny anymore to a lotta people. This version specifically is also, from the start, a notably less clever version of the original insult, that being "Yugetsu no Bitches".

  2. He ain't wrong, vtubers/games/music fall under the umbrella of being anime as a style. Weebs coping instead of owning up to liking anime things.

  3. I don’t blame people for not wanting to be associated with the anime community because on one hand you have pretty normal people who just happen to like it and then you have pedophiles and porn addicts. I don’t really like to call myself a weeb anymore because I just hate a good portion of the community so much.

  4. I'll start off by saying that yes, I am aware that in the phrase; "Shingeki no bitches", the "no" is referring to the English "No." as in, not agreeing to, or in this case, not having bitches.

  5. The weebs are with many nowadays, it seems like our numbers are dwindeling so we must up the agression.

  6. The whole community seems to harbor numerous pedos under the guise of "lolicons" or "shotacons". Disgusting all around and not to mention these mfs who don't get that anime is also a specific art style which the mf had as a pfp. Morons trying to justify that they're different

  7. I have recently found out that my favourite genre of music might be Electronic (or whatever these classify as).

  8. Taishi is so good. Would also recommend Nhato if you haven't listened to them already. They're pretty similar and also super awesome

  9. Xi is absolutely cracked as a composer, would definitely rec some of their music from the game Deemo. Little more piano focused, but some really solid electronic songs in there.

  10. There are 5 digit codes as well, they are merely older. Fear the 3 digit codes however, those are better left forgotten

  11. I swear to God, if any of you comment about how attack on titan is a mistranslation, I'll punch you. I do not fucking care if it's a mistranslation, intentional or otherwise.


  13. It's a less clever version of an already overused joke. The first "Yugetsu no Bitches" was really funny. Then it got repeated a shit ton, and then AoT folks made the

  14. "Relax it's not anime" Is called Certified OniiChan, the phrase that is probably most connected to anime. My mans brain is deteriorating. Maybe the context wasnt about anime but his profile just screams anime lmao

  15. your run of the mill twitch streamer except wearing the virtual equivalent of a paper bag on their head. it's the same parasocial babysitting except it managed to rope a new niche with a massive pool of disposable income.

  16. A YouTuber that uses a drip to cover themselves so you so they don't have to show their face. Examples: Snuffy; Takahashi (the voice actor for Alucard in Helsing Abridged); others I can't remember right now

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