Not surprisingly, went in for body wash, came out with over $200 in cool hauls including a forgotten bonsai for $14.97 😅

  1. Thanks for confirming! I had looked that up shortly after I bought it. Any tips for me as far as normal care would be greatly appreciated 😀

  2. Man... Seeing posts on here about the cool as shit houseplants people get makes me so jealous. My San Diego Costco pretty much only gets fucking tropical plants which don't even grow very well here...

  3. Which is disheartening because I would think houseplants would thrive in the west coast weather and be a great seller at those locations 🥺

  4. Virginia location! Given the price I'm pretty sure they're being deleted and I got the last one at this warehouse so I'm sure it'll be hard to find unfortunately. I haven't even seen these at my home store.

  5. Ugh I've had terrible luck with plants from Costco. Orchids, mums, lilies, etc die almost immediately. Not that I have the greenest thumb, as it is.

  6. Don't be put off! I started out too ambitious with plants that might been too advanced for me as far as care.

  7. I got one last year and it died within a couple days of coming home, not sure what the heck happened. I have lots of other houseplants that are just fine. Hope it does well for you I might have to look for another one next time I'm at the store.

  8. Uff sometimes it's just plain bad luck or the result of neglect from warehouse employees. Fingers crossed.

  9. Bought one earlier in the summer. It’s doing well and adding more leaves. I suggest adding a humidity tray to help create a microclimate around the plant.

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