Costco coming through with the houseplants

  1. They really blew me away a few years ago when the "raven zz plant" was becoming really trendy and wasn't widely available in the US yet. Small ones were going for over $50 on eBay.

  2. Those are nice looking pots. Do most people use the pot it came in or move it over to a bigger pot? Most pots at HD are plastic.

  3. Luckily, I found a young Monstera in a beautiful white, ceramic pot for $11.99 two months ago -- and was thrilled.

  4. What a lucky find! I'm keeping my eyes peeled because it seems locations vary with their plants. I'm wondering if anybody has been able to find a bird of paradise.

  5. I wonder how many of those fiddle leaf figs end up coming back as returns over the next few weeks/months. They can be pretty finicky.

  6. If you check my older posts I bought another larger FLF from Costco and also own a little baby FLF. They're doing ok so far but not much growth but I heard that they're slow growers. Lots of bright light and not much watering on my part and they seem pretty happy.

  7. I always wonder, because TJs and costco seem to sell a lot of houseplants.. where are people PUTTING all these plants. If I add one plant a year to my house, I will be overrun...

  8. I bring them to work where they do extremely well. I kill stuff at home, but I dote on my office plants as a break from work. 😂

  9. This is in the Northeast, and every location carries something different at least in regards to plants. They had the outdoor plants around April and May and I've been seeing a lot of different indoor plants for the past month+

  10. Need new plants and was planning to go to my usual store, but Costco will have to be the first spot I hit up 👀

  11. They have some cool random selections, we never know what plants are coming in, and you can't beat these prices man. Hope you find something you like!

  12. Anyone know if San Diego Costco's ever get stuff like this? I've been here about a year now and haven't seen houseplants once :(

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