Where are my 1%ers?!

  1. Managed to stay in top 0,03% till the end! Was really worried I'd be dropped since I couldn't for the life of me improve my score for the last 3 days.

  2. I was 0.4% when I went to bed and apparently woke up above 1% and now I’m pretty pissed. Not even that I didn’t get the 1%, but because I now have a Title in my profile that is going to exist there forever visible and unobtainable.

  3. I didn’t even remember this ranking event was happening otherwise I would have tried those songs more I’ve just been playing mic drop mostly ☠️☠️

  4. 0.7% dynamite, 1.2% PTD. Annoyed bc I could’ve gotten top 1% on PTD if I realized sooner that my whale trailer wasn’t placed. Was missing out on major points. 🤦‍♀️

  5. I was 300k away from being top 5%. I’m still pissed off, it was only a few minutes before it ended and I didn’t have any tickets to get my score higher

  6. 1.2%..... literally like #10080.... 😭😭😭 and right after i collected my 1 single title for dynamit i pulled Jimin who woulda helped me keep t1%.... so mad

  7. Right here 😁 it's much easier to accomplish when you're an actual fan. Lol. I was also really gunning for the "shoes on, get up in the morn" title but ended up being 1% for both songs

  8. Was around top 300 and so salty about it. Couldn't get the remaining character for the 10% boost. Probably would have landed me top 10. (I did spend a bit to get the characters though, and I know a ton of it's all luck. Regardless I am loving this event!!)

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