The event is a chore, not fun.

  1. play a rhysthem stage once, hit retry and then select max tickets, it lets you play the stage again and multiply al rewards. thank me later

  2. I think they just went with the usual gacha rhythm games standards and didn't realise it wouldn't fit with their audience.

  3. I would say they do target their usual audience with the running segment, the problem is that the actual rhythm gamemode section gives more points than the running bit.

  4. The only main source of it is the sliding and running part which is the easiest, and you could double the runs you do by clicking the button on the left before you start. For example if u have 28 tickets and permission to dance costs 14c then u can do it all in 1 run and get 2x rewards

  5. i personally think the event is fun … but im rank 0.04% on Dynamite and 0.2% on Permission to dance so … im obsessed and ive played rhythm games before lol. that and i got lucky and had 5 bts cookies without spending money

  6. That's like telling a person who's afraid of knives to not juggle them but swallow them instead. Neither is a great option, the experience sucks either way no matter the setting.

  7. find one song that you get a good score on (likely mic drop, for some reason it seems to be the highest scorer for everyone) and just grind that one. you can even use the ticket multiplier (the small button next to the start stage button) so you have to grind less times

  8. Idk why but this event speaks to me, mbe it’s because I got lucky and got the whole cast in 3 days but that means I can get top scores on the stages, so it’s fun to max out their tickets

  9. I hated the islands. I didn't play them like the last half of the even. I finished with like 30+ keys from getting them from random things

  10. the minigame ruined my muscle memory for jumping and sliding lmao (yes I know there's a way to change it but it's worse for me)

  11. I agree. I still keep getting the connection error after the tutorial, so I can't even play. It would be one thing if I cared about BTS, but I'm not even a fan so this feels like an extra boring slap in the face

  12. Honestly, I don't really think it's a chore by any means. This event (compared to Sonic and Disney) is much better in every aspect (imo). You have the improved Disney gacha system with actual playable cookies this time (THAT ARE ACTUALLY META TOO?!) and some sort of the Sonic minigame aspect implemented too. The "rhythm game" is more like a half-Ovenbreak running type minigame and half-that rhythm game you call trash. In my eyes (as well as a lot of others, upon reading the comments), this gamemode isn't the hardest thing in the world. Besides, cut Devsisters some slack. Like many people mentioned, they don't make rhythm games. I'd honestly be impressed if this was just made by their dev team and no one else. From what I've experienced so far, this is definitely one of the better events I've experienced in literally any game. Well, maybe except some events that happened in bigger games.

  13. The BTS cookies being meta is a negative, it'll make players who either can't suffer through this event or start playing after the event is over, miss out on a very powerful unit they seemingly can never again be accessed.

  14. I get that it isn't fun for everyone and I agree that it's pretty hard and hope they change it in the future but everyone just making new posts complaining and never really adding anything new isn't gonna help anyone. I know people wanna complete everything but if it's to a point of being "a chore" and "not fun" just sit this one out.

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