“This event is so pay to win” THE EVENT GOES FOR THREE MONTHS

  1. i have to keep reminding myself this is a 3 month event. i’m trying to speed run everything & it’s not even necessary to do so yet 😭

  2. I am pretty sure you DO basically have to speedrun it, if you want to complete every Ticket mission. Though I could be wrong

  3. I'm used to crk events being kinda short so I feel like I have to speed run everything until I remember it's a 3-month long event. I paid for around 5,000 army bombs just because I'm so used to events being short...at least I only have one cookie left

  4. Yeah it's 3 month length compared to usually 1.5 month lenght. But at same time drop rate is halved and we still have more or less same number of one-time quest. So the only difference is the number of daily quest rewards.

  5. You also need to remember that unlike the disney event, there is more than one way to farm the currency, and its through playing the rhythm minigames, the disney collab only had missions for us to farm them

  6. It's been maybe a week and people are saying that they can't get all the cookies so it must be pay to win

  7. I don't think it's too much too ask for to get three BTS cookies. Especially with the Ranked event listing a song that requires you to get three BTS cookies to unlock. So forgive me for sounding a bit panicked and ranting but I definitely don't think the event is pay to win.

  8. It’s really all about luck. Some people got cookies on their first free pull, some people didn’t. I’ve been half playing the event and just doing the daily missions and I’ve gotten 3 cookies and lots of outfits so far. I just wish I didn’t get the same items over and over 😭 I need new ones to unlock the stamp missions.

  9. i am ok with event go for 3 month or it was pay to win event. what i hate is that i so noob in playing rhythm stage😭😭, its so frustrating that i can't enjoy the game bcoz its my first time n always get low score

  10. Again, it's not about the 90 days missions, it's about the 2 week season where a good chunk of the playerbase is locked out of higher rewards because they didn't get a 3rd BTS cookie.

  11. Yeah, exactly. I've been grinding to get as many pulls as I can without paying and I finally had the luck to get another cookie and it was a duplicate, so it doesn't count as a third cookie. It's not fair.

  12. I mean the urge to speed run probably stems from the fact that we’ve got a ranking event in place and getting better scores in the level directly correlates to getting all the units, costumes, and decor for those sweet bonuses. The higher your ranking the better to rewards to help you grow and the earlier you get to the point the less you have to sweat about it later.

  13. 3 months doesn’t change the fact that the rates don’t guarantee you all of the BTS members, which means some people are statistically guaranteed to not get all of them without paying lol. It simply has to happen to at least one f2p person unless the event simply never ends, and even then may not get everyone.

  14. I mean it does feel like it a bit but only like, ranking wise. As a long time Cookie Run player (since Line), devsistershave always been on the F2P side, so for them to go a little P2W makes me think the collab costed them A LOT

  15. The ranking for Dynamite and Permission to dance ends in 4 days and most people can't get an A in hard. So theh can't even play expert. How is that not pay to win? On top of that a lot of people can't even get pass the tutorial due to it being bugged. So they won't even get any reward at all. It's normal for people to be upset. If you don't pay for the purple pass you are not going to get much, even if you don't miss a single note and get every jelly, that sucks.

  16. I spent money the first day and got all 7, now i just get to chill and enjoy the songs while collecting the army bombs for more summons!

  17. The full event may be 3 months, but the Seasons for the songs are not. They have Titles locked behind being Top %1, which is not realistically attainable unless you have most of the Cookies and Costumes for the specific songs, as well as the Decor Set bonuses.

  18. its so obvious to see that this is the first gacha for a lot of people. i see their posts to this sub reddit and it just makes me laugh

  19. It's not my first gacha. But it's my first gacha that actually was not excessively money hungry and that's the entire reason I've spent the last year playing and supporting it.

  20. The preregistration redeem code in the email I wasn’t made aware of pushed me into getting all of em. Ended up getting all 7, and jimin…4 times :D

  21. PEOPLE ARE SO IMPATIENT I SWEAR... 😭 I am too but that's mainly bc I'm an army so I wanted them all as quickly as possible. The event isn't f2p yall just don't have patience. Stop complaining 😭

  22. The main concern is bcs of how the ranking for the event works on the songs and how long the lb event lasts for (Dynamite & Permission to Dance lb event, ends in 5 days) and what rewards they're getting now, and what they could've gotten if the rank ur getting was 90-85% actual skill. Bcs the more matching costumes, cookies, decors, etc. u get, the higher ur score is gonna be bcs they give bonuses when together. And logically speaking, at the current point of the event, only (mostly) whales will have all/almost all of that, and be in the top.

  23. Everytime I see someone bitch about not being able to get S I end up laughing, like any rhythm game in this vein; you have to level up your "cards" to get higher scores, duh! Play Enstars, you're not going to be even hitting an A score for a few weeks unless you throw money into it.

  24. I get that those reaction are uncalled for but dude, you never know with events. People are also optimistic in the Disney one but didn't end well for a lot. I get you are annoyed but don't have to go out of your way to trash at people who genuinely have bad luck and a bit frustrated.


  26. I was lucky enough to get two cookies in the free pull, but I speed run games a lot so I keep on getting anxiety if I’m going to get all 7 cookies even tho I just got my fourth yesterday.

  27. Had they not given a % bonus to leaderboard scores that have unique titles (with season 1 ending in a few days) just for owning BTS cookies and costumes, I'd agree.

  28. i dont think its p2w rewards are good i think but man im unlucky ive gotten 6 costums and 2 jung kook cookies so i cant do the next song :(

  29. what the actual fuck are you talking about? the Disney collab was a disaster, everyone complained about the 20 cookies and the terrible gacha system, players kept getting duplicates and the Legendary/Ancient chest was mostly achievable by p2w players and lucky assholes LOL... plus, you sound a bit biased, why is BTS a "mid boy band"? come on, they have a giant discography and that's coming from a person that never listened to BTS before the collab, I think they're pretty cool and I don't see any big downside on the event

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