Now that Juggernaut, Ant-Man & Rocket Racoon have all received their buffs/reworks, who do you think the next wave of champs will be and how soon can we expect an announcement?

  1. Yesss I am sooo afraid of them updating him. I have him r4 and he hits so friggin hard. If they did anything to him, I just know they’d nerf his damage for balance

  2. Cuclops definitely needs a buff. I hope they give him the Magneto treatment and buff both versions to differentiate each one better.

  3. I just want a value buff for Daredevil HK. He has a really fun playstyle and interesting utility, but he hits like a noodle

  4. They announced IMIW is getting a tune up and so are Gor and America Chavez. BPCW is also getting one. So who knows what else is coming

  5. Bpcw isn't confirmed, they said that he's on the list but they never gave a definitive date or even confirmation that they were working on him

  6. Well idk but I do hope they choose some of the more iconic marvel characters next like Doctor Strange, Iron Man and Captain America.

  7. Kabam have confirmed that a sentry buff is/was in the works but they realized that it'd need to be pretty much an entire champ overhaul so they pit it on the Backburner til they know what direction they want to take the champ

  8. Make it just slightly easier for Super Skrull to get his nova fists and he would be a top 3 cosmic. Doesn’t have to be every time you go into overload but just a tad easier. It takes so much finessing right now but if you get it, holy hell defenders just melt.

  9. To those asking why they aren't buffing groot yet i think it's both their (kabam)fault and your (fanbase)fault,they probably want to remove his ability to shrug off debuffs faster in order to give him some really cool shit while keeping him balanced,but because of the Hood fate seal drama they're afraid the community Will backlash,in conclusion,it's kabam's fault for probably wanting to remove his reducing debuffs duration ability and your fault for scaring them with the Hood drama (seriously guys,are you able to realize that the fate seal Is anti-synergetic with his kit? How Is he supposed to gain bullets by nullifying the opponent's buffs if he outright prevents the opponent from gaining them?!?!?!??)Am i gonna get insulted and called a kabam apologist? Yes,do i give a shit? Absolutely not.

  10. Lol this is not a good comparison. No one in the world uses Groot because of his debuff shrugging, if they remove it no one will complain.

  11. Okay is it just me or is it highly unlikely that Cyclopes or Khmala or champs who are in Carina’s challenges get buffed since they need to remain in that state to keep the challenge real

  12. There are much easier Carina's challenges (Mystic dispersed, ROL with robots/aegon etc.) 5.2.6 with 2 good 3 stars is still pretty rough, same for 6.2.6 with Kamala Khan. The rewards for those challenges are pretty outdated as well, so I don't think the slight decrease in difficulty would be enough to dissuade them.

  13. My pics always have been symbiote spidey and unstoppable colossus. SS has always been the coolest, most iconic and interesting version of Spider-Man and he’s one of the most vanilla champs in the game.

  14. BB already hits decently hard, phoenix is usable, It should be Groot or cyclops coz every single player is suffering coz of them

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