Deadpool event point total

  1. I have no idea what to aim for I dont want the 6* DP i just want the gold but last time I went too far and got the 5* DP and no gold

  2. Haha. I did the same thing. Was trying for the top % so I could get all the gold and ended up at the top with a 5* deadpool I couldn’t care less about. He’s still 5r1 a year later.

  3. I have 4 points. I ran one round of arena (3 points) and when I duel the day’s target for the objective I use my 6* Venompool to collect another easy point.

  4. I'm still debating if it's worth the time and energy. My only real incentive to score a six star Deadpool is because my three-star DP does ridiculous damage in his throwback event. Even if he can't take much damage. I want to 100% that past quest, but I don't think I can unless I have a stronger DP than a three-star.

  5. Me personally I am going for 6* DP. Sitting at 464 points right now and aiming for 1k. I'd rather overshoot than undershoot and not get him so I'm going hard. Figure I'll spend 1600 units on duels to hit 1k plus what I get from using all the DP variants in arenas.

  6. 1600 units would be 320 duels (I think they cost 5 each?), which would get you 640 Deadpool points. You get 2 points when you fight with Deadpool, not 3.

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