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  1. I dont believe most of the common conspiracies that get propagated, but the 5* punisher controversy is one that I firmly believe to be true

  2. When the cav battle chip crystals came out that cost 50k, my first 3 openings were 300 units, 5* punisher, and 10 full energy refills. Every opening sence has been gold and the occasional units.

  3. I fully believe this, and have a new theory on fixing it. If I know I need "X" T4CC, I examine 3 or 4 champs of different classes than "X" first. I try to throw off the "R"NG.

  4. I believe this. I opened 5 5% T5CF crystals and got every other class but tech last month after finishing the objectives. I haven't pulled a single tech from T5CF crystals for months and I'm only 900 fragments away from forming one.

  5. i’ve sat at 43k t5 tech shards for 3 months. that’s including buying the t5 cat from glory store, all the 1 and 2% t5 crystals and 3 t5 nexus crystals from aq. i’ve pulled too many crystals and not a single t5 tech shard

  6. There was the old “if the crystal premium hero crystal comes from bottom right (?) of the screen, it’s much more likely to be a 4 star” that was very common back in the day.

  7. I still do that with arena crystals loll, usually I have a higher chance of getting units if it comes from a certain spot, or I just believe so😂

  8. I am fully convinced some of the missed timing in this game isn’t coincidental. I understand our issues with the game recently but I’ve had one to many times a blatant party completely whiff, or a dumb as rocks AI suddenly intercept my like a pro, or come out of a recovery faster then they should have. I am convinced unit usage sways how...erratic the AI is.

  9. I was thinking the same. How it's possible that big team of IT specialists can't fix this issue for almost a year?

  10. A good conspiracy is when you get a champ down to 1 percent health they take extra hits than usual to ko. For example it should prob be 1 or 2 hits when at 1pc but seems to now become 5 or 6.

  11. I feel that last on, opened about 20ish of the last 5* featured and half my pulls were squirrel girl or falcon

  12. The deepest iceberg: infinite hits exploit. Some dude got banned for finishing ROL with it before brutaldlx did it the legit way

  13. I've had a conspiracy for awhile that if you need a specific catalyst, you won't get it immediately. Meaning, if you're ranking up a Champ, and then realize you need a specific T4cc or something, and you go open a few T4cc Crystals, you won't get the one you need, because the game registers you just ranked up a Champ and are missing that specific catalyst

  14. When we had the 1-4-1 exchange crystals recently (swap 1 catalyst for a catalyst crystal that awards anything but the class you exchanged) I posted an entry here showing how many swaps I had to make to get one single Mutant catalyst. (I think it was 18). The mods deleted it. Conspiracy?

  15. The RNG is rigged. If the 3% of og black widows worked for cystals i ll be getting at least 1 6* per 5 batch of cavaliers

  16. I'm pretty sure 2022 will judge future of this game. More and more people leaving this game. Game is broken for almost a year now. Kabam do very little to try to fix it. Instead, they give some shitty compensation for aq and aw, but I'm still struggling to go through act 6 and 5 revives once a month or 2 is not enough.

  17. The simplest algorithm is that when AI detects going below 50% health without you getting hit once, it'll speed up the AI so they are moving 50% to 100% faster.

  18. I've never seen a special in the middle of a combo, but I've definitely seen opponents either evade or suddenly start hitting me when I am in the middle of a combo. I am reasonably sure this is not supposed to be possible so I consider it to be either a bug or blatant cheating. Certainly, if I'm being combo'd into oblivion I can't counter attack like that. It happens to me a lot.

  19. I refuse to believe you have an even chance of pulling any given champion. You almost certainly have a better chance of pulling Iron Patriot over Dr Doom etc etc

  20. The Daily thronebreaker crystal is a catalyst crystal disguised as a 5 star crystal. Roughly 500 days as a thronebreaker, I have only managed to pull 3 5 stars off of it and only once for the elusive 10k 6* shards.

  21. I think this is true, but….the game knows when you need prestige, they’ll give you high prestige champs when you need them to hope you’ll buy sig stones or awaking gems.

  22. I fully think the monthly hero Crystal from the calendar is rigged to never pull the higher star champ. In my 3 years of playing I have never pulled the higher star option and have never seen anyone in my alliance pull one. I think they say the rate is a 20/80 split but it really seems like an 0.01% chance.

  23. I will never not believe that champ crystal openings are rigged. I see people on the sub saying it's just RNG but I will put on my tin foil hat and say no, it is definitely rigged.

  24. The crystal is determined the moment it appears in the corner (I’ve gotten confirmation when I asked for a re-roll when I waited 5 minutes after a pop and it kept spinning until the game finally shut down). The reel is meaningless, just gives a bit of excitement. Do you remember when Seatin opening a bunch of Goldpool crystals one by one and every reel was full of nothing but Goldpool Avatars, yet every roll ended on gold?

  25. The spin is irrelevant, the champion is decided the moment You moved the crystal on the place. It's still spinning but your mates from ally can already see what You've got.

  26. Kabam wants to kick out the F2P playerbase. The cost of revives and health potions is high. Pay2win players have it easy. Farming energy and revives is too time consuming and doesn't yield enough. Kabam never addresses this. They just make it harder and harder. Especially with the Carina's challenges and abyss

  27. The crystals are not really random. They give you only certain classes of champs to get you coming back looking for the missing ones. For example, I would only pull Skill, Cosmic and Tech champs as 4*. One science, one mystic and zero mutants. Then one day the floodgates opened and I got Collossus AA and OR all in one week, at which point I didn’t have enough catalyst. It’s all a con. I have a mini account and it’s the opposite, all mutants.

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