Who deserves a rework?

  1. I think there will be a lot of self interest in advocating for reworks like this. Nothing wrong with that! Makes a ton of sense. But I'm sitting over here with a 6 star joe fixit and I just know he will basically never get or deserve a rework. Such a lame character. At least Venompool is cool enough he may actually get one at some point!

  2. Jane could be really good with a just a touch up. Make her lightning stuns passive, higher damage, and the shock more effective, and idk maybe more but that would go a long way

  3. Of course Deadpool wtf, one of the most popular characters in marvel is not even in the damn game as a mainstream 5* option, let alone 4*? Come on man. At least black panther is playable at all.

  4. Considering you had to buy him, seems tight for the rest of us to give this guy a god tier boost. DP was good for AQ paths back in the day because of his regen, DP XF has that amazing synergy

  5. I would love to see Juggernaut get a rework and for him to get special abilities vs Mutants

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