Birthday candle fail! She laughed so hard she started peeing 😆

  1. So… the plan was something explodes in a child’s face? I’m trying to figure out what they thought was supposed to happen

  2. Yeah the kid is like I can't take this my stress if this is what birthdays are like every year, I'm out.

  3. I had one similar by “the cake solution” (formerly known as “the cheesecake shop” and yes it’s British) and it had rainbow layers, I’m assuming this one does because why these specific colours?? (Sorry I think I’m looking too deep in this)

  4. Day 730 of my confinement. My handlers are clearly absolutely bonkers. They insisted for the longest time on trying to convince me that mushed up peas made aeroplanes noises. And now and some sort of intimidation ritual they sent me before a confection and lit it on fire.

  5. Edible? Probably not. Eatable? Sure. Anything is. Edit: some of you take shit too seriously LOL

  6. I'm with the kid. I don't understand what is funny about any of this. The Mom laughs because the girl is scared and the dad laughs because it was a weak explosion. And that the birthday girl is frightened and confused doesn't bother either of them. 🫤

  7. When my cousin and I were little, my uncle would wake us up in the middle of the night sometimes when I slept over. Every pillow, cushion, and blanket in the house piled in the living room. He’d pick us up and just yeet us into it, obviously we loved it. Yeah, he was just high af and thought it’d be funny.

  8. I had the same fear in my eyes when my parents were drunk AF and made me suck helium out of a balloon at like 4 years old.

  9. wtf is wrong with the people in the comments?? they are having fun. the girl isnt gonna need therapy over this, this isnt exploiting the child for views, and they arent neglectful parents for getting a fun cake topper.

  10. This whole thing is amazing. The laughing, the candle blowing the glitter and the daughter completely lost. LOL

  11. Her pelvic floor is obsolete…kegels folks although if she gave vaginal birth gotta tip my hat to her…well either way she gets a hat tip.

  12. I love how the parents are laughing their asses off while the birthday girl is either wondering what's going on or when she's going to get to eat the cake

  13. That little girl watching her mom pee while all along they’ve been telling her to pee in the toilet. She was all kinds of confused and scared.

  14. I also hope what ever poofed out of that candle is edible.. other wise your going to need a good pair of tweezers and a loop...

  15. That is the most emotionally put together toddler I have ever seen. She already has a 700 credit score, and is the CEO of a Fortune 500 company 🤣🤣🤣

  16. I could hang out with her all day !!! The funniest part is when she had to get herself together to demonstrate what it did. Fucking hilarious!

  17. Kid thinking "is this my future? Am I going to be like this? Who are this things that are so stupid?" Poor kid...

  18. Terrified is a strong word. Mom seemed more scared. Kid was just cautious about what the hell was going on.

  19. I got a pretty candle for my cousin birthday. It had a wick for every letter of happy birthday. Bad idea. It was windy and we couldn't keep more than one wick lit at the same time. After 5 minutes we just gave up

  20. Finally a video on the internet involving cake and the little kid isn’t having their face slammed into it

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