Is this excessive protection for cutting rebar with an angle grinder?

  1. Don’t ask us clowns to weigh in on your safety. You gonna take advice from a bunch of near-deaf, half blind dudes with pockmarks & burns on our faces?

  2. Totally agree. I'm typing this with the only two fingers that I can still straighten, which wouldn't be so bad if I still had feeling in both of them.

  3. When I first started in the trades I was working with another newbie that was a university student. I watched this motherfucker using a grinder have it by kick back into his face and drive up his face.. he was okay thank god

  4. Seriously I go the optometrist once a year to have foreign bodies removed, blow out black garage boogers every day, and burn my feet and hair with sparks routinely. You don’t want my opinion. Also a Makata “torch” blade in a Sawalls all is way easier

  5. ^ this so true and absolutely fantastic 😂 I needed that today. Why would you ask a bunch of dudes that burned their nipples off multiple times. “Why do I need to put a shirt on it’ll only take a minute….AHHHHH!”

  6. Great response, as I sit here with electrical tape around my index finger after scraping it across a screw sticking out of a metal stud! Doesn’t take long to get an injury from something stupid!

  7. I worked as a welding assistant one summer. Dude I worked with would lite a smoke, put on his full welding helmet, and just start welding with the cig between his lips. Ever few minutes he flip up the helmet to check his work. Then a shower of ashes would fall out. He’d go like that for hours, I’d just had him pieces of steel or hand him a fistful of welding rods. Dude is still alive 20 years later and he was old and unhealthy back then.

  8. Agreed. This is actually safe. I would not remove anything. Honestly, probably want something to cover your neck lol

  9. Had minor eye surgery to remove metal flakes after cutting. Painful and costly. I had no PPE on. Stupid. OP is doing it right.

  10. Oh man, I watched the dudes who built my house do some wild shit. Melting styrofoam with a hot wire while the smoke blows in their face. Offered the guy a brand new unopened respirator, he said no. Said he’d get a fan to blow it the other direction if it started bothering him. Was coughing like crazy the rest of the day. Said he was fine.

  11. I think this is the correct answer. If youre doing it all day, wear all the PPE you need. If you are just making one cut, it seems a little excessive, but either way, whatever youre comfortable with really!

  12. I also work in safety. Respirator isn’t a bad idea for grinding. That cartridge is overkill though. A P100/HEPA would be fine. There’s no organics or acids from cutting rebar.

  13. Do you like having eyes, hearing, not having lung disease, or traumatic facial injuries? Then there’s your answer.

  14. I know this is a goofy post, but nothing is "too much" when it comes to protecting yourself from tiny pieces of metal stqbbing your eyeballs and lungs.

  15. I would wear the same, Improve your safety culture at your work place, look out for #1. Your employer isn't going to be there for you if you're injured.

  16. Had one explode and go into my arm. No face protection no nothing. Needless to say, I am now traumatized and no you can’t over do it with safety .It went through a thermal shirt and t shirt. I only use metal blades now, not the fiber whiz wheels

  17. Only if you don’t care about your vision, hearing, or lungs. I’ve known to many good carpenters taken down by booze or oxy’s trying to numb the pain. A ounce of prevention and all that. Never apologize for taking care of yourself.

  18. Please elaborate about the pain of carpentry.. Is this due to inhalation injuries or back problems or..?

  19. I got made fun of a lot doing residential construction because if they made a piece of safety equipment I wore it.

  20. That's pretty good standard PPE. Depending on what kind of spark you're throwing you might want some tint to protect your eyes too.

  21. Probably dont need a respirator. Good idea to have a faceshield. Those fiber disks can and do break sending a piece in your face. I had to have a piece of wire from a wire wheel on the angle grinder that impaled my eye ball removed. I have a lot of hobbies, motorcycle riding, shooting, hiking, etc. I prefer to keep both my eyes especially after almost losing one.

  22. Kind of wondering if you need a face shield AND safety glasses. No on the respirator unless you are using a torch or welding. Hearing protection is good. Cover up the shirt gap unless you want sparks or hot bits down your shirt.

  23. anything can happen if you are going to be cutting/grinding steel for a prolonged amount of time. Sucks pulling secs of metal out of your eyes, hair, ears, etc. No shame in going full nutter on this.

  24. Unless you're in a Positive pressure personnel suit you have yet to go overboard :) When it comes to your health you can never be too safe.

  25. Just so you know. 3m sells a full face resperirator that would be much better for this. And theres replacement parts fir the hike thing so when the screen gets scratched up you can replace it.

  26. If you've ever had an ophthalmologist digging in your eye to remove a spec of iron, you'll learn to never ever fuck around with an angle grinder without multiple safety layers.

  27. I've used grinders plenty and wore appropriate PPE. Once chop into a pallet with an axe at night, the one time I didn't have glasses on, and a piece of something flew up into my eye. In the minute I had my hand over my eye, I had mostly accepted losing vision in that eye. Once I opened, I could see blurry shapes, but could see! My sister the optician made sure I got the antibiotics though. Most people lose vision from infection following trauma guess... Be safe. Get your system dialed so it's not ridiculous and you can still function, but hold to it. The body is soft and delicate no matter how hard we look.

  28. Guy on our job that only had safety glasses on (was supposed to have a shield too) got hit in the face when the stored energy in some bent rebar hit him directly in the glasses and caused the glasses to jam into his eyebrow giving him a significant laceration resulting in time off. Blame went to his Forman for not providing it but ultimately he, having stop work authority, should have waited for proper ppe. Not excessive at all.

  29. Facemask and glasses are appropriate simultaneously. I've had things go under the shield. Ear plugs would suffice.

  30. Never wore eye pro while grinding, then I got hit with some shrapnel, I noticed it initially and my eye was irritated for a few days, but I just chalked it up to allergies. Finally went to the doctor and got it pulled out, Doctor told me I now have a scar on my eye that'll probably effect my vision later in life.

  31. Steelfixer here. Double eye protection is mandatory on all jobs here, so you've got that right. Shouldnt be much need for a respirator unless you're cutting all day.

  32. If you don’t want to be overburdened and have all your goggles fog up I’d recommend just pulling your tshirt over your mouth and nose instead of a respirator for the steel shaving shards, accompanied by the safety squint for eye safety.

  33. from my own experience , the full face is not enough. You also need the glasses since metal particules can reach your eyes by going through the open space near your neck. This can happen if you grind your piece of metal close to a floor.

  34. No!!!!! You only have 2 eyes. I had a guy working for me at excavation company cutting railing out with sawzall get one speck of metal in his cornea while wearing safety glasses. He ended up using eye wash, walk in emergency care who sent him to the ER, waited 13 hrs and they sent him to eye surgical center. 26hrs of suck for one speck

  35. It’s overkill until it’s not … and the it’s not is what you’re wearing it for . A seatbelt is overkill until you’re in an accident .

  36. If it makes you feel better it's appropriate. I wouldn't cash out a respirator cartridge for it myself but I'm old and gristly and full of carcinogens and rage

  37. Angle grinders are one of the only times I wear face guards because I’ve seen too many fucked up pictures on the internet of the aftermath of one exploding.

  38. Sight, hearing, and good quality lung function is worth far more than any harassment you’ll ever get for being protected. 57yo been in the field since I was 22. Oh and I’ve only had this attitude for a decade so listen to an old fool.

  39. Real talk. PPE is a last resort. Where you can, engineer out the hazard. Is there a different way to get the desired result with less hazard to yourself? Different type of cutting tool with less risk? Quieter? Shorter stock that does not need to be cut?

  40. No exaggeration, I once had a foreman that had had an angle grinder pad blow up in his face -2 decades prior- that was STILL pulling metal filaments out of his jaw every few weeks.

  41. I live that this thread has turned into Cap’n Quint and Matt Hooper comparing scars on the boat. All the while this kid is contemplating if he should share his scar from changing a bike tire.

  42. I'm 25, have worked around heavy machinery, massive cutting wheels, all kinds of presses, helped cut a 5 foot hole underground in concrete one time.

  43. I had I think a security guy doing overhead MEP work in a hot ass hospital that was at that point gutted but still had 70 y.o. drywall remnants flying around. Guy's safety glass are fogging up and me and the lead super are watching. He takes off his glasses because he can't see what he's tugging at.

  44. You look like a fallout character haha. Personally I use the most ppe available when working with power toold- I value keeping my blood inside my body and all my extreme ties intact

  45. The angle grinder is statistically the most dangerous power tool on a job site, and the second most dangerous tool overall, beaten only by the ladder. Do whatever you need to to feel safe

  46. This is an excellent resource, thank you! So looks like the official solution is ear plugs, safety glasses, face shield, long gloves

  47. Personally I like that good ole squint safety glasses. Only had to have steel drilled out of my cornea once, so I’d say so far so good. I’m a good guy to take advice from.

  48. The more PPE the better. I like PPE. I like my hands, my eyes, my ears, my face, my lungs... I'm really quite fond of most of my body parts.

  49. No such thing as too much protection when using an angle grinder. I had one of those sketchy chain saw blades for mine and it bit, shot up and wound itself into my winter jacket. I was able to power it down luckily and not have my guts ripped out. I imagine the injury I would have gotten would have been nearly lethal.

  50. As my mother always said " don't let faster drivers make you drive uncomfortably In bad whether because they are going faster."

  51. I will give you the best advice I have. wear any and all safety equipment provided to you, if any of it causes you problems or fails to function file a lawsuit. all 3 out comes of either being safe, hurt and rich, or safe and rich are preferable to not wearing it.

  52. I was cutting steel with an angle grinder and had on glasses just like the ones you are wearing and somehow a tiny shaving bounced up around the glasses and directly into the center of my eye. Had to go to an eye doctor to have them extract it and it took my eye a month to heal up and my vision to return to normal.

  53. Nope! I used an angle grinder for the first time this summer and was smitten with its power. Holy fucking shit what an incredible tool. Gotta respect the power, which you clearly are.

  54. Consult with your foreman/supervisor before you do this, but you could reduce a lot of the bulk by switching to a particulate-only respirator since the organic vapor cartridges are overkill in this specific task. Try the plain P100 GVS Elipse.

  55. My biggest deal with angle grinders is never put your head in the plane of the blade. All wheels explode eventually, but they go in a predictable direction

  56. After having the docs office remove a spark from my eye with a sharpened mini spoon and mini Dremel tool, I'll never cut it without the same gear again

  57. I would consider in ear hearing protection. The straps from the respirator look like they might be going under the hearing protection. This breaks the seal and makes them less effective.

  58. No, angle grinders are one of the most dangerous power tools because of the disks which have a tendency of shattering and acting as a projectile.

  59. Most top US & International construction companies (11 years with one) require foam lined glasses & a face shield, ear protection, hard hat, well fitting cut resistant (level 3 min) gloves. Recommend long sleeves. Eye injuries from debris are some of the worst and if not treated properly result in loss of sight. Even with all that protection the debris can linger on ledges of the PPE, we have hard hat stick on magnets to catch some, but always remove and shakeoff with eyes closed and wipe off your face. If it gets in your eyes you need to flush your eyes thoroughly, recommended 20 min, then head to the ER and let the pros do the same. Stay grindin!

  60. PPE is always a good idea. Assuming you're cutting outdoor the respirator is probably overkill, but def ear and eye protection whenever using a grinder. Gloves and long sleeves are recommended too.

  61. I had to drive a guy to the ER because he got a metal sliver in his eye. He was using a bench grinder, with the grinders shield, with safety glasses, and a face shield.

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