NY construction guys, don’t you ever get tired of the same five classic rock songs that q104 or wbab are playing every single day?

  1. 30 hour site safety card-check Fall protection- check Hard hat - check .... wait a minute, I’m shutting this site down, there no classic rock playing!!!

  2. Did they extend the deadline for the 40 hour requirement in nyc? 30 hour is still good to be on job sites?

  3. That tempo make you work tho boi. Even if youre in the basement and they’re upstairs and you’re trying to drown em out... they’ll always have the bigger speakers. Always.

  4. Speaking as a NY drywaller it's metal for us, if it's not metal its beastie boys or anything else over 150 beats per minute. it really helps keep you going to have something with a high tempo

  5. True story, I’m on the drive on beach fishing with my wife, cause that’s what you’re supposed to be doing when you have a 4x4 permit on Long Island beaches. We’re surrounded by morons that don’t even know what a fishing rod is, naturally. A suburban come plowing down the beach, I get one look at this guy as he’s unpacking what might as well be his entire living room, a cooler big enough for a body, a grill, 9 chairs, 15 children including a toddler, a bassinet for the toddler to roast in the sun, so on and so forth. I turn to my wife, Mind you I’ve never seen this dude in my life and say “that guys definitely a GC. I’m going with Kenny the contractor” she laughs. He’s continuing to move in to his new beach front property, coming down the path we hear “Dolan!......” guy doesn’t turn then “Kenny!” Dude turns walks over oh hey what’s up blah blah. Wraps up the conversation, out come the dewalt radio. And what station is blaring? WBAB.....

  6. Same shit everywhere. When I was working in the chow hall in college we tuned into the same rock station in the morning and it was the same shit hour after hour, day after day. When I graduated I got Sirius XM thinking that it would be different. Nope.

  7. Sirius has channels with way better curated playlists. Even their classic rock channel is better than the radios now a days...

  8. It's not your imagination. Most classic rock and country stations subscribe to a service now. It's not like there's some DJ in a booth somewhere loading those songs and playing them. The station gets the music from a satellite feed, adds their own local commercials, and pumps it out on the airwaves.

  9. Yea I lose my shit when I hear Bruce Springsteen performing what sounds like a grown man passing a kidney stone whilst “singing” Santa Claus is comin to town

  10. If you’re in NY and I guess NJ we have the added pain of Double shot Tuesdays, back to back songs from the same bands you heard all day everyday for the last 50 years

  11. You forgot about the salsa and reggeton. There isnt a jobsite in New york where Spanish music isn't playing on the floors that classic rock isn't.

  12. Or Latin love songs. I have run into some dude rocking out to YouTube 80s super mixes tho and that was just such a breath of fresh air.

  13. There was once site I was on a few months back that I swear they were having a wedding reception, all the same staple songs that I made sure not to play at mine.

  14. Fuck that guy. Can’t trust him. People say I just tune it out. He’s tuning in to our every move, trying fuck yo someone’s day cause they went up a six foot ladder without a PFA. Yea fuck that dude

  15. Half my guys are into country the other classic rock. Tbh Ill take the repeating classic rock but either way youd think theyd get tired of the same shit every GD day

  16. NY? It's everywhere! Does anybody really like "More than a Feeling" by Boston THAT much? I would be fine if I never heard it the rest of my life but I'm pretty sure I hear it once a day.

  17. Yes actually. Fun fact, if DOB shows up and Eric Clapton isn’t playing at a minimum decibel level you will get a stop work order until the issue is rectified


  19. I mean, of course it’s not but the right cuts off the right albums from Metallica and I’m good the rest is for the birds

  20. Yeah, who lets people listen to music anymore? Neither my company nor any of our competitors allow music on our jobs. And headphones are especially banned.

  21. I grew up on the job site, so I had a lotttt of classic rock exposure for a few years. Then we started growing (and my dad is an open minded guy) and reggaeton was at the height of popularity (think early 00's)

  22. I listen to The Jason Ellis Show, Howard Stern, dubstep, hip hop or whatever spotify decides really. I don't allow the same shit to be played repeatedly on my sites because what you are describing is the real nationwide pandemic and I do not stand for that bullshit.

  23. I have no idea what the W Award is, I just had 200 Reddit coins left from someone giving me an award once. Have some fake internet points for your service, sir.

  24. Same seven songs in Big Sky, Montana on the Eagle. And If I ever hear UB40 Red Red Wine I'm going to hammer fuck the radio.

  25. For me it depends on who I'm workin with. Either classic rock or tejano. Note: I'm in Southeast Texas. I work with a lot of Mexicans

  26. At some point enough was enough. it was time to get serious. I bought Bluetooth headphones, made music website with all YouTube music videos and is totally legal, locked the phone down to an older operating system that allows for background playing nonstop. push a button one time and the whole day I have beautiful music with no commercials. As a bonus if owner sees you wearing headphones they won't try to strike up a conversation , I get more work done that way too ! all is good

  27. Oh for sure, I’m not arguing that one bit the guys putting this generic classic rock shit on day in and day out are within their rights, as far as I can tell the established designation comes like this, I show up in an area before anyone else is there and I decide I’m going to play Mozart 5th symphony in its entirety as performed by the Mormon tabernacle choir or the entirety of slayers catalog at ear piercing volumes I’m well within my right to do so until a foreman shuts that shit down. My point to this whole post has and always will be why the fuck don’t these guys want even the slightest bit of variety, I’ve heard Joan Jetts crimson and clover 17 times this weeks and it’s only Wednesday.

  28. Idk man but something tells me your in the head quite a bit. How do you hear anything on the site if your always poopin?

  29. Can I please have a safety certificate for having read all of this thread? Oh and ACDC is now stuck in my head.

  30. Get a bluetooth speaker and siriusxm. You can listen to anything. We do country for the country folks, then octane for me. No commercials

  31. It ain’t just NY, it’s nationwide. That may be the real reason I am all about ear protection...

  32. What I don't get is you'd think classics were a moving target. As the years go by, the "newer" songs will be played ie 90s rock. Nah, same songs on q104 that have been in rotation for the past 25 years

  33. Let me start by saying, With a handle like the one you’re sporting it had better be of wizard proportions. Now that that’s out of the way, for sure if this diabolical beast called classic rock was constantly evolving to play newer classics I could get behind it.

  34. I started doing construction in the mid-90's. That shit was 15-25 years old at that point and the radio station playlist was repetitive already (radio has gotten worse for various corporate reasons since then). I was SURE that classic schlock stations would have moved on to adding grunge etc to their rotation. It's been what, 20 more years since then? No such luck. Same 1971-1988 playlist, same 15 selected cuts.

  35. The response here has been great fellas. It’s good to know there’s a support group of tradesman out there to help me stop and back up off the ledge and know that I’m not alone in wanting to destroy every job site boom box I come in contact with. I’ll also note if any of you guys are tool junkies like me, I’ll be live-streaming the next episode of the Milwaukee Pipeline event tomorrow at 6pm eastern time, crack a beer, hangout watch the presentation and bullshit with some like minded fellas. Find my channel on YouTube same as my handle on here. End shameless plug

  36. My cabinet installers show up and will be pumping out the euro-electro dance tunes, or Russian opera. The other section has drywall crews and is blaring mariachi. Third section is still in rough-ins and the sprinkler guys are either classic rock or death metal

  37. Yea there’s definitely that other far less appreciated side of tradesman rocking out to like grindcore, thrash and death metal, which I love, but shit I’ll get down to some funk or I mean don’t get me wrong give me a deep cut off Pink Floyd’s animals or just anything other than comfortably numb for the 9 zillinth time please! I’m begging here!!!

  38. I always have my Bluetooth headphones in. I'd rather be a safety violation than listen to the Beatles block. And I always turn on 90.7 if I have the chance. It's just similar enough, but different that most guys don't notice.

  39. Manhattan GC. I don’t see many FM radios anymore. I mostly see Bluetooth speakers where they trade off a person having a person control the music for the 2 hour work period and then it shifts to another person after the break. Works well to hear something new and if you hate it, it’s only 2 hours. There’s too much variety there to be stuck on Q104, try Apple Music/Spotify.

  40. I agree man, there is so much available but the Q reigns supreme. Or on eastern LI is WBAB. Every Manhattan GC I meet now I m gonna ask “are you ShadowMagic?”

  41. The way I solved this was playing newer garage rock and punk. Stuff like white stripes, black keys, the frights, Allah-lahs, the growlers etc Also 90's alternative

  42. On the few sites I've worked on where listening to music was allowed, this is the only type they allow.

  43. Not at all man. I’m well seasoned, it just got to me today, I heard start me up and my eye started twitching, I was sweating, experiencing violent thoughts..... just needed to know I wasn’t alone

  44. AL construction foreman here- this is one of my pet peeves at work. I have my own speakers, my guys alternate days of music genre.

  45. I love that this is getting downvotes, like there are people out there taking a stand for wanting to hear the same shit everyday. An ass for every seat I suppose.

  46. Ooh, ooh! This just jogged my memory. I was on a four-person crew for a job that lasted about six weeks. The only artist that all four of us agreed on was Black Sabbath.

  47. I mean if you work in the Dio years that’s a solid catalog to get through. Beats the boys of summer or sympathy for devil 12 times a day

  48. We always had on 104.3 when I worked on the outside. Same songs day in and day out. Eventually I just kept an ear bud plugged into my mp3 player. I see things havnt changed on the outside.

  49. Nah you guys got it all wrong. Being from NYC, I thought you'd know there is no overlap between the trades. Electricians-news radio, Drywall/painting-Ranchera, Ironworkers-classic rock or heavy metal, Elevator-Smooth Jazz, Masons-Reggaeton, I could go on and on.

  50. Where are you working in NY?!?!? I could actually go for a little classic rock. I am from Florida originally and down there it was always Classic Rock on construction site. The last 12 years I have been in NYC working to the sounds of Banda and Mariachi. I feel like the last couple of years there’s been a bit of Raggaeton from younger dudes. Some I like, some gets on my nerves, like AnuelAA, my least favorite thing at work is walking into a room and getting blasted at window rattling volume with “REAL HASTA LA MUERTE BABY” or “BRRRR”, makes me want to open a window and a punt a speaker.

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