Nation Relieved To No Longer Have To Pretend To Like Soccer

  1. I truly felt this way as I saw people crowding into bars while I drove home. None of those people cared. They just wanted an excuse to go drink at 9am. And hey that’s fine but let’s not pretend anyone is broken up about…what was it again…I forgot.

  2. Ditto. The sport will eventually be the most popular sport in the US. Not in my lifetime probably, but it will. More and more American kids are choosing it over football, baseball and basketball, and rightfully so.

  3. It's like the olympics that way. Every four years (2 since it's split) everyone pretends to be fans of and watch a bunch of crap 'sports' they couldn't give one damn about all the rest of the time.

  4. I can't be bothered with the corrupt socialist World Cup put on by the most arrogant, preening elitists and played by a bunch of leftists who seem to think rainbow flags and sexual conduct are the pinnacle of human importance to the point that they replace the red white and blue (or insert the colors of most of the western countries).

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