Harry Styles Endorses Beto O'Rourke for Texas Governor During Austin Concert

  1. Someone needs to remind that limey pencil neck that Brits have not figured in American politics since 1776.

  2. I'm British and I agree that this dress wearing, talent show muppet should keep his trap shut for both politics and "music".

  3. Neither could Biden’s. Didn’t stop him. Although I’d say it’s easier for Harry than Biden. Harry’s followers are teens. Biden’s we’re already dead in 2020.

  4. Sounds like foreign influence in an American election. I look forward to the January 6th committee looking into this gross violation of American sovereignty, 😂

  5. One of the biggest endorsements of Greg Abbott I have seen yet. And I have no doubt that venue was already full of the denizens of

  6. Nah, article says "Austin concert"....that place is California, but the trial size version. Probably not alot of denizens of anything remotely Republican there....

  7. ...sort of like the cashless broad who couldn't afford her rent but could afford a ticket to Styles' concert.

  8. I remember when Taylor Swift endorsed that one senator candidate over Marsha Blackburn (forgot his name). That was a fail.

  9. You know I was on the fence about who to vote for but now that Harry has chimed in that basically sealed the deal for me. Thank god I live my life by what an insulated, out of touch, elitist celebrity says.

  10. Who in their right minds would give a damn about the political opinions of a super rich, out of touch singer that wears dresses and doesn't need to work for a living. Its like caring about the opinions of a homeless guy from Sweden about who your mayor should be in rural idaho.

  11. Anyone who is a fan of Harry Styles is already a brainwashed leftist so I sometimes wonder who these people want to get over on their side? No level-headed person, who isn't already on their side, would go "oh, Harry endorsed ####? Damn, I gotta vote for that now"....

  12. Can’t fucking stand this. Just stfu and play the music! Plus he’s British. Stop trying to get involved in politics that have nothing to do with you. Has he never heard of Alice Cooper?

  13. "I was enjoying a nice bowel of dirt with Beto the other evening while we waited for the fresh placenta...and I got to say, this guy is the future for Texas." - Harry Styles...probably

  14. When Dems fix it so they can vote but can't buy smokes or ammo, that'll be the unfortunate truth.

  15. BETO is up 6 points since Styles endorsed him !!!! All O’Rourke needs is LIZZO to Twerk for his campaign and the GUV’NA’s mansion is his !!!!! Harry and Robert Francis are coming for your Guns Texans …….. RULE BRITANNIA !

  16. As long as a (D) is in front of a name these people will endorse. They don’t live by the rules we live by.

  17. In the debate Beto spent the entire time lying about Greg Abbott. A two second google search is all it takes after every statement Beto made.

  18. I met beto in the early 90s in elpaso he was a spoiled rich white kid whose family has exploited Mexicans and Latino Americans. this dude is old money and like nacy Pelosi and the rest of the rich fake democrats wants to use his political position to influence laws that will benefit his stock investments he does not care about the average person he didn't then and he doesn't know. if texas is too Blind to see that then texas deserves the future under beto and I imagine it would look like California.

  19. Why do celebrities think we care about their politics? Because they pretend to be other people or they can sing they think they have special insight?

  20. As a Brit, you need to balance this. The US should send us a shiny celebrity to tell us how to vote. Someone wholesome, is Chuck Norris free?

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