National Guardsman with religious objection given COVID-19 vaccine instead of flu shot

  1. I hate this crap! But I been telling people if they want too force you to take the jab they will..You will get it just like this too..Unless you just stoping going to the Dr. They need to sue them for Malpractice.

  2. Backin the day military people got a parade of shots and weren't even told what they were. why is the COVID19 vaccine such a bridge too far?

  3. Nah read the article. It sounds like an accident. There was a complication with the lines for the different vaccinations

  4. I remember hearing about two siblings who went to Walgreens for the flu shot and received the mRNA injection instead. 100% intentional

  5. I'm kind of surprised blind trust is so prevalent. I always ask to see the vial draw not as an insult or even assumption it's just that legit medical mistakes (or malicious intents) happen and I just like to be informed about my care.

  6. This is exactly why I'd have to watch them draw the dose out of vial out this point. I'm hesitant to get my flu shot this year just because of this.

  7. It's money, but it's also a global experiment. Talk to your local funeral director about it. You might be surprised what they tell you.

  8. As a former medic that has given thousands upon thousands of shots during my time in service, there is no way this was an accident. This is pressure from command to get their vaccination numbers up and eliminate the hold outs to stop them from looking bad and doing so by any means.

  9. I had retired around that time they started getting pushy with it. That last week the medical dept asked me if I wanted the shot. I laughed on my way out the door. 😄

  10. I’ve thought about getting my Flu shot from a trusted pharmacist wondering if my work is giving flu plus Covid booster.

  11. I'm on day 3 of the flu right now, in early October. Isn't that too early? Had 1 night of chills, temp never broke 100, feel like shite, but am slowly getting better.

  12. The flu shot never worked anyway. It's efficacy was based on assumptions in the data which turned out to be false. Basically, older, vulnerable people didn't get the shot (usually on a physician's recommendation because the flu shot carries risk), while healthy people got the shot. The two groups (control and test) were not of equal composition, but assumed to be.

  13. You can tell by the needle they got in their hand..The regular flu shot comes with a regular needle..A covid syringe looks like a pogo stick with ears..

  14. not saying there isn't some religious exemption that i'm unaware, but i'm just curious what religion is fine with everything except specifically the covid vaccine and like why? is it because of the fetal cells or wtv bc that's absolutely fake lmao, but i'm just curious.

  15. No. Flu vaccines are not covid vaccines. Both the technology used to make them are completely different and the viruses are completely different.

  16. I don't understand that people are taking any vaccines at this point. Isn't it clear that our governments (and medical institutions) are not to be trusted?

  17. I know right? Everybody knows they don’t work now..We have had 3 or 4 formulas and none seem to work..Herd immunity has always been the way forward.

  18. Isn't that a major crime. Id imagine it would be, injecting someone with a drug not just against their will but also lying about what they are giving you.

  19. I made our daughter's pediatrician show me the vials they were getting her regular vaccinations from because they are woke and we were afraid of this exact thing.

  20. Stunts like this are precisely why I won't get another vaccination shot ever again... for anything. I can't trust what someone is injecting into my body is not the COVID vaccine.

  21. President got like every vaccine and booster you could get. He got it and a relapse Covid sooo it's mostly for those at risk not for everyone! It was an emergency thing. When the Watt guy on the Cardinals said he had a heart issue first thing I thought of was it the Vaccine so that's a problem

  22. This has to be against some law right? Curious though what religious objection applies specifically to the COVID-19 shot but not the flu shot?

  23. The one made up to not take it. Dont get me wrong I dont think anyone should be forced to take it but being religiously exempt just for 1 vaccine clearly sounds like bullshit

  24. well it looks to be the only response to observing a lot of crazy people wanting to mandate new technology and will go as far as to inject it into involuntary victims.

  25. If his religious objection was to the COVID vaccine but not to the flu vaccine,I can guess the basis. If this is the basis, his objection is based on misinformation.

  26. I'm confused. How can you have a religious objection to the COVID vaccine, but not have a religious objection to the flu vaccine?

  27. In the testing of the vaccine, they used HEK293T cells like nearly other medicine. Name a drug it's been tested on HEK293T. All the basic pain relief has been.

  28. Wrong. Fetal cell lines were not used at all in the development or production of the Novavax vaccine.

  29. Flu shot is made with chicken eggs..Covid shot made with replicated lung tissue from an aborted fetus from the 80’s that they keep replicating the human cell tissue to make.

  30. Fetal stem cells. Even if thus specific vaccine doesn't use them, the fact that vaccines can use them puts pretty much all of em under religious exemption.

  31. Right? His religious objection is BS if he's willing to take the flu shot. I DO NOT approve of them giving him the covid shot against his will, but there's no way it's actually his religion that is preventing this. Notice how the article never even mentions what his religion is.

  32. I mean, if you’re religious exemption doesn’t apply to the flu shot, but does the Covid shot, I’m not quite sure I understand that.

  33. I'm still searching the scriptures for this so called religious exemption people are claiming that only applies to certain vaccines and not others.

  34. I don't appreciate it when our religious freedoms are exploited for personal gain. It makes a mockery of a beautiful thing. Perhaps our downvoters would be so kind as to enlighten us.

  35. So is the move now to just say that you are vaccinated and fully boosted already? Or are they just gonna do it anyway?

  36. do people with religious exemptions typically get flu shots? Sounds like something they would usually stay away from also.

  37. The only time I got the flu shot in 1997 - and because everyone was getting it cause the boss brought a Dr to our small office "to prevent everyone from gettin sick" he was obsessed about squeezing us out of the most office time he could (we were an american office in Mexico with mexican laws and all so not your regular M-F 9-5 but 8-7p and once per month Sats half day) and I lost my voice for a full week, nada zilch nothing would come out of my vocal cords and the boss made me work yes, the full week and pushing me to get voice out, just unbelievable, I think I got it just once more time cuz the husband used to be brainwashed and yeap I got sick right away, after that he started to wake up that flu shot meant getting sick with "the flu" so its been like 20yrs of not flu shot and no flu

  38. It should be enough to reject a vaccine purely on the fact that it is still experimental, regardless of any religious preferences.

  39. >...refusing the COVID vaccine on religious grounds — including its connection to human fetal cells — the NCO told them that there were no human fetal cells in the shot and that he had heard the objections before.

  40. I don’t think anyone read the article, it sounds like a normal mess up/accident. Bad one because of going against someone’s religion, but an accident regardless. Just some NCO not following procedures because he/her wants the line to go faster for everyone’s sake

  41. What was the religious exemption where he was okay taking a flu shot but not okay with the covid vaccine?

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