Harry Potter Author Slams Police For Letting Rapists With Penises Identify As Women

  1. It’s indeed incredible that the author of books preaching tolerance for all kinds of magical creatures and tackling the bigoted idea of "pureness" of individuals would be banned by the very people who read and loved those books and their message of love and acceptance.

  2. She is a hardcore feminist. Any person who claims to champion women or women's rights would oppose these legislative positions.

  3. Yeah but the good side of this, is that it may wake some people up. I don't think the majority of people are ready for the "progressive" approach here.

  4. She never actually mentioned the police in her tweet if you read that article. She was criticizing Scotland’s government as a whole for their stance on the issue. The police aspect was placed in the title by the Tampa FP and The Times, no doubt to rile those reading the title only.

  5. These countries want to be the “U.S.” so bad, the co-opt the same movements and take them to the very extreme, and then force their population to obey or face punishment - which works as they have no rights to basic human principles and values, such as free speech, and also because their people are toothless.

  6. They probably hopped on the bandwagon so people will possibly begin to stop making fun of them fucking sheep or something.

  7. It's always wonderful watching the left eat each other when their warped views end up crossing each other. They are so out of whack that their own ideology conflicts with itself.

  8. Er I really don’t think feminism should be considered left wing or a warped view. All REAL feminists are opposed to trans ideology, regardless of political leaning.

  9. The real question is why the punishment for rape is different for men and women especially when it is committed using penetration

  10. I’m so co fused. Is JK Rowling woke or based now because last I heard she was trying to say Hermione was black for no reason

  11. Oh she's still woke af, she just draws the line at shit that interferes with her particular brand of fem power woke.

  12. Maybe we should stop bullshitting and quit pretending that anyone is something other than what's on their birth certificate? This is fucking nonsense.

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