How do I get rid of this white stuff. Hasn’t been sealed. Poured 8 months ago. Colored concrete. Muriatic acid? Thanks.

  1. It’s efflorescence. Does it go away when it’s wet? I assume it does. Muriatic works but it’s super degrading and most people fuck up dilution ratios or burn time if they’re not experienced. Use a simple efflorescence remover. I sell it here in ca but you could search ‘gst clean concrete tds’ and get info. Make sure you neutralize afterwards. Then light pressure wash. Then seal it!

  2. Awesome. I Appreciate the response. It almost completely goes away when wet. Sounds like what I have.

  3. Long story short the company that poured it moved out of state. Is there anything I can do about the white staining?

  4. It almost looks like it could be crazing. If you aren’t comfortable using muratic acid, a good power wash with a < 3000 psi washer and an acrylic seal after is your best bet. Make sure to let the water completely dry off the surface and control joints or you’ll have another kind of white staining to content with.

  5. Power wash with 2000 or less PSI washer. Let dry and apply an outdoor clear sealer. Low or high gloss your choice. Could even do a water-based two tone color stain before the top coat clear sealer.

  6. Looks like crazing. I would strip sealer with xylene then pressure washer. Apply one of the antique treatments like ez-teak. And seal.

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