Paris Eternal ran tryouts in a 5v5 custom game

  1. Hey, I was the lead developer and project manager on that Workshop mode! Great to finally see this project reach the public!

  2. Hey man that’s cool! How did you find that position? Is it something you do in your free time? I would love to join something like that

  3. "We will be releasing some of our tryout game play at the end of next week so you can see how amazing some remakes were! Workshop codes and patch notes will be made public on Halloween for public use." I'm interested in seeing what/who is in that tryout footage.

  4. Very interesting that they will be releasing some of the games both because I want to see what they did and because this makes me wonder if tryouts are finished

  5. Hoping it's not the same one that every streamer played when 5v5 first got announced that was a buggy mess and missing some of the changes.

  6. We worked really closely with the Paris Eternal to fix all the reported bugs through extensive playtesting and a lot of code rewriting. There's almost no chance any piece of complex software is ever bug-free, but having played both the original mode and the edited version, I feel comfortable in saying it's much less likely that players will run into bugs.

  7. This just made me think, do teams have current access to OW2? Or will they in the near future? Because otherwise, teams are being built for a game we know very little about how it'll end...

  8. It's both cool and sad to me that teams are getting more support for S5 in the ways of workshop modes than from Blizzard directly atm

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