[@overwatchleague] Overwatch League End Credits

  1. Guys is it okay if I skip the Endless Goats arch? Is it essential to the overall story? I'm on the third stage repeat and I'm going crazy.

  2. Yeah, there's no way this hasn't taken inspiration from the S3 ending, some of the team poses seem almost identical combined with the general aesthetic of all. Nothing wrong with that though, I love Tenshi Gaeshi. It fits incredibly well with OWL!

  3. wasn't something like this posted on this subreddit a long while back? Obviously not this exact one but i remember something similar

  4. the way they put super in front of all makes me smile. the time where he retire the time overwatch community isn't the same anymore

  5. I read the title and was like woah they're ending tokens? And then I clicked the link and was like ohhhhhh

  6. These people are all super talented but Jesus the person that did charge deserves some kindof award, it's so detailed (and the hamster with jihun is so cute)

  7. I hope between now and the actual moment they can play this as they end the grand finals they fork up the money to get a song that actually sounds like an anime outro, would be so fucking hype.

  8. I noticed that whoever drew the mayhem made them line up almost perfectly with how Seijoh is in the haikyuu ending. It’s probably like this for a few other teams too but thought that was just a real cool detail

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