MK versus Controller in Open Ranked

  1. To me, the biggest advantage controller players have is that the aim assist removes some of the unpredictability. Because the aim assist will help track the target, when they change direction, a controller player's reaction time will be given a bit of a buffer. There really isn't a way for a mouse and keyboard player to make up for that, because reaction time isn't tied to the controller, but the player.

  2. I’ve been bouncing back and forth. I love how fast I am on M & K but the aim is so good on controllers.. you really do have to adjust your play style when you are on M & k compared to controller.

  3. My hats off to anyone who plays with a M/K I can't do it. Been holding a controller of some kind for over 30 years now and the muscle memory is all controller based. Hell I can barely play an MMO on M/K but when I loaded up the controller settings it all clicked. The only game I play m/k are RTS games.

  4. Been a controller player all my life until 1.5 years ago. I know how much better i would be on it but ive made the choice not to use a controller, halo will just make me better on a mouse in the long run

  5. I'm Onyx right now in crossplay as soloq. What's been helping me as MnK is learning to break their aim assist around corners/pillars with your movement and flicking on them when re peaking. Learning immediately when you're going to lose the br engagement, whhiffed the first burst and the guy is looking at you? F that re-engage somewhere else. Learn nade bouncing physics to help in those close-medium fights.

  6. I don't want to sound crazy here, but what you've described here is what I would just call playing better halo rather than a difference of inputs..

  7. Great tips! Yeah I would never switch. I simply don’t like controller gameplay on shooters so I am looking for ways to adjust instead of switching. I really think they should add bullet magnetism to the bursts only. They can be independent of one another. So if you are on the body for the first 2 bullets of the burst the 3rd auto hits. This would be a nice balance change.

  8. the perfect medals are insane. On m&k im getting 1 perfect medal like every 3-5 games and when i used controller i had 1-2 every game. Played with my friends last night and 2 of them had 3 in one game. Really hard to compete with that ha.

  9. Yeah its kinda an uphill battle against controller players even if you have really good aim, it just wont be as consistent as a good controller player ever in halo with the way aim assist is.

  10. I seriously doubt there will be any high level mnK players that can truly compete with the controller pros. I have played mnk for probably 15 years~. Consistently get top 99% scores in kovaaks and aimlab (aim trainers), radiant in val, A+ ESEA when it was the highest, almost 4 k/d in warzone. and still find myself struggling in onyx ranks against solid controller players. I plugged in a scuf xbox controller I have and was instantly doing well simply because of map knowledge when I havent truly played controller in probably 5 years lol. I got more "perfects" in one match than I probably get in 4 on a mouse.

  11. I played tens of thousands of games of Halo using controller. I tried Infinite with M&K for days, it was literally impossible. No way to get that 4th shot to hit, generally impossible. I also feel the same playing Rainbow 6 Siege. Controller is just dominant, there's no way I can play M&K.

  12. R6 isn’t cross platform and there’s literally no aim assist at all for controller multiplayer at least when I played. Controller might be dominant for halo but m&k is dominant in R6. Comfortability is obviously a different story as it’s subjective.

  13. This guy really plays Rainbow 6, a game with ZERO controller aim assist, and calls it “Controller dominant” and that he can’t complete on Mnk

  14. I agree it’s great to have both PC and controller. I prefer MK but I must say, the aim assist on controller is nice to have. It still takes skills to aim well and I have no issue with it.

  15. Agree, I tried MKB for the first time the other day and was surprised by how much "left stick" aiming I still needed to do

  16. strafe aim has always been a huge part of lightning gun duels in quake. once you can strafe aim reliably you usually try and master anti-mirroring where you can strafe the opposite way as the target to dodge while adjusting xhair. you can practice by strafing in a moon shape around a fixed target on the wall and trying to keep your crosshair centered on it

  17. Grew up playing halo but switched to PC and MnK 3 years ago. I’m Onyx on MnK and controller. I can honestly say that the inputs are not balanced well, and that’s fine. Halo has always been a controller game so it doesn’t bother me but MnK is at such a disadvantage it’s not worth playing open. Balancing the 2 inputs seems impossible tbh

  18. It’s awful, part of it is the game is not running nearly as well as it should on PC’s. You also have to land every bullet on your spread and that means you literally have to be glued to them for 4 seconds while they’re strafing which is impossible. They had a “mouse magnetism” toggle for mouse during the beta too and it’s nowhere to be found now. It was kind of buggy but I feel like overall it did help.

  19. Oh that would be nice. The BR is all about hitting 3 bursts. With no aim assist it becomes a very inefficient gun when you’re not tracking perfect. If you are tracking well at the beginning of the burst but suddenly lose target for a microsecond you now have only hit 2 times. Then you have the penalty of the wait time in between bursts. Hitting 3 bursts is the only way to compete. Statistically it does seem to be gimped on m+k unless you’re an aim god. I’ve made it to Diamond 1 so far in mouse and keys but haven’t ventured out of plat in open.

  20. my tip as mnk is-- strafing does matter as much as we like to say AA can track your dodges if you rapid strafe in an irregular pattern it can throw them off still-- mixed with jumping/crouching on shield break to try and dodge the headshot. 2nd tip is to just accept being the bait in a lot of situations and have cover or escape handy so you can waste 3 of their burst and someone else can finish them off. 3rd tip i guess is make the most of the weapons and kit that work well for us: sidekick pistol, both snipers, sentinel beam, even big flicks with RL. grapple hook and repulsor which we can use better with faster rotation, etc

  21. i dont want magnetism or assist on mouse-- i just want two things: smaller crosshair settings and audio feedback on the BR hits. I cant tell how much shots are hitting from the bursts easily from the xhair so theres not enough feedback to be able to train my aim.

  22. I don't know why so many people won't do this, I love PC because I can choose the input best suited for the game.

  23. So, i picked up a controller for pretty much the first time in almost 5 years( except for Dreamhack HCS 2019) i place diamon 6 1498 CSr with MnK averaging a 1.05 KD. I can count how many perfects I’ve gotten on 1 hand. Now i when picking up the controller i can track so much easier and be on target for longer periods of time and the aim assist is “Snappy” but not crazy.

  24. That shits boring and doesn’t feel rewarding at all. If they find away to make reaction times valuable for controller players I’ll consider it but have fun with your reactbot.

  25. no thanks, I didn't spend money on my MnK to have it collect dust while I plug in my PS4 controller for Halo

  26. Playing to your control choice's strengths is good. I'm a controller player and I find the best MKB players I play against do that. They get up close and do sneaky corner melees because I can't turn as fast as they can.

  27. With all due respect, it's much harder to kill the tank as a fly than it is to kill the fly as a tank.

  28. As a controller player who mainly played other shooters prior to halo. Basically aim assist is not fair, it is way stronger than in other games. It is kind of offset by terrible controller aim settings. But seriously, pc players have a right to complain about the aim assist, the game does most of the aiming for you. I actually can't comprehend how there is a ranked in halo with this level of hand holding.

  29. I think a lot of M&K players don’t realize that any controller player at the top level of Halo right now has years of BR experience from the old games. The BR handles nearly exactly as it did in H3 and many many people mastered it then. The game has been out a week and a half and M&K players are upset they haven’t mastered it yet. Give it time, I’m sure you’ll catch up

  30. Anecdotally speaking I am not upset at all. I’m hooked. I just want to have a discussion. It’s the first time it’s felt like a controller competes against my mk since as long as I have been playing (nearly 20 years). This discussion definitely has helped show me that there is a possibility that pros will be on mk and controller at some point in the games lifespan.

  31. It’s not that. It’s the aim assist specifically. There is no catching up there, just a permanent handicap.

  32. lol what? there is no "mastering" it. its hit 3 body bursts then move to the head. that isn't a hard concept to grasp that somehow people just aren't grasping.

  33. They need to either nerf aim assist & bullet magnetism in competitive setting for controllers or put bullet magnetism on m/kb. The game would benefit hugely from having an e-sport scene of m/kb players.

  34. I mean, just use controller. I don't get why this is such a big issue for people. You can literally use a controller on PC. It would be like not using a steering wheel for racing games, or not using a fightstick for fighting games. You're purposefully handicapping yourself. I haven't played with controller on console since 2009, I've been a mouse and keyboard PC player since then, and I use controller on PC for Halo.

  35. most of us already came to terms with that and thats why we usually get bored of new halo games after awhile and fall off them. the ones who wanna be pro already swapped to controller-- its not rly a big deal but its more of a question for 343 if they really want to push towards a cross-input game or not because its not there yet-- so its up to them

  36. I don’t think your analogy is very fitting. Halo is an FPS. FPS games have historically been best played on MnK

  37. I am diamond 1 and have been performing pretty well with MKB. I try to use good movement and map navigation to get the first shots on my opponent. I also try to use some of the close up weapons like the mangler or heatwave and try and one shot + melee. Hope this helps!

  38. As someone who has played halo since reach on controller and is playing halo infinite on MKB. I think MKB is viable but the skill floor to compete with top controller players is just very high. I am onyx in open queue and my MKB aim isnt that good, I havent played MKB for very long and my kovaaks scores aren't even close to the top percentiles. I think an extremely good MKB aimer could compete at the highest level, it just takes a lot to do that and your tracking needs to be immaculate.

  39. I've played old school halo for years and infinite is the first halo game I've touched by 343 and I'm about to hit diamond. While I've noticed you get a slight advantage using a controller with aim assist (and it's not that bad compared to the MCC which fuck that drop m&k) but I believe the advantages stop there.

  40. I think its actually that controller has lower floor and lower ceiling and mkb has higher floor and higher ceiling. At least for halo.

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