Little G2 drama - Dezignful raging at Chaotic

  1. Id rather throw my PC out the window than ever play with somebody like Dezign. I love seeing clips of him get shit on and start crying like the "pussy bitch" he's calling Chaotic. Lmao.

  2. Hal raging can be a little much at times, but this is just childish in comparison. He really did mentally peak in high school. Has no idea how to control any emotions.

  3. Lol just yesterday went off on hus teammates during a tourney saying they were in the corner jerking each other off. Selective outrage I guess.

  4. This is the same bullshit Hal pulls, I swear to Hal fans are the fuckin' worst. Just admit your idol also peaked in highschool and move on. A lot of these 'pro' are exactly like this.

  5. Not to beat on dezign because this is a general problem but I hope for the day that Apex is a serious enough esport that people who are horrible leaders can get phased out. I get that people are young but god damn.

  6. I honestly don’t know how people have been G2 fans dezignful is one of the if not the most repugnant person in apex

  7. I love Resultuh and Gent, used to be a big fan of dezign too but over the past year or two, he’s been very hard to like. He was always a competitive dude who talks shit but now he just seems genuinely angry.

  8. Damn who could’ve expected one of the most toxic controllers in EU joining one of the most toxic teams in NA would result in more toxicity?

  9. Exactly lol. Chaotic needs some brother/father figures like reps or snipe to lead him to be a better person or else he will continue to be this talented egoistic toxic asshole

  10. Dezign is genuinely a child hahahahaha. How you gonna speak over your teammate and scream ‘I don’t care’ when he’s giving you a response to something you said. He absolutely reeks of teenage angst, embarrassing behaviour

  11. They just haven’t played enough ranked together give it time and chaotic will 1v2 purples with white armor in ALGS!

  12. g2 should have dropped dezign after the last algs lan. nobody is going to put up with this garbage in the long run.

  13. Crazy how Dezign's raging when every viewer knows Chaotic is HARD carrying that team right now and without him G2 would probably be bottom of the pack.

  14. G2 should not have been invited to Pro League after Sweden, Dezignful is embarrasing to watch so glad Gent got out of that team.

  15. i was quite fond of dezignful and them early on in apex, but goddamn bro this mf is so annoying. there’s just nothing to like about him.

  16. Everyone talks about Hal being toxic to his teammates but guys like dezignful have been like this with a huge ego acting like a dick for a long time and gets half the hate despite having none of the success

  17. Them opiates will make you agitated all the time. Not tryna start rumors it's just I've seen many people that used to be chill n nice become complete dicks after an opioid addiction(Norco, Percocet, Roxi, etc.)

  18. I dont get it. People are okay when Hal does shit like this but Dezign gets shit on. Just yesterday Hal was saying his teammates were somewhere in the corner jerking each other off. Lmao

  19. It's scrims we already found out how to beat them but then they just started running w half our loot so we were testing out different drops and figuring out shit that's the first rage I've had in a long time I was frustrated he was getting all pissed when scrims are meant to figure shit out. I don't give a shit if you don't like me i just want to start winning again and i'm trying to figure shit out.

  20. He wasn’t the only one getting pissed, mate. He sounds tired, and you come at him angry. Solid defense mechanism when your plan gets called out for not working.

  21. Respect for you commenting here, I don't dislike you I just thought it was a bit over the top to scream you don't care at him for admitting he doesn't want to do that when it isn't working.

  22. for what it’s worth, you guys are a fun team to watch and you got a lot of people rooting for you, myself included. I’m sure you guys will figure it out.

  23. I'll admit that Dezign is usually toxic but I see nothing wrong with anything he said in this clip. He's telling Chaotic to man tf up and relax. As the team leader that's what he's supposed to do.

  24. I used to play with toxic people on Apex and the game itself is toxic so being toxic too your teammates on a toxic game doesn’t solve anything. Ok u make money on the game and streaming but AT THE END OF THE DAY ITS JUST A GAME. I don’t like hearing that too but it’s just reality.

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  27. When Chaotic became the number 1 pred for a while I didn't like him because he seemed super arrogant but now he's on a team with a pos like dezignful he's way more endearing

  28. this seems like a dezignful hate thread and i love how unbiased the mods are here to not remove it lmao embarrassing

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