Game Thread: Washington Commanders at New York Giants

  1. This whole “at least we didn’t lose” attitude must be nice. All I can think about is the fact that was a W we threw away.

  2. I mean, I'm not happy about it either. From a game theory perspective it's a good result against the giants since we'll theoretically have a much better advantage in two weeks. But it opens the door for the lions to sneak in imo

  3. To be fair they’re called quarters because it’s four quarters in the game (quarter=25–1/4)….not because of the amount of time given to play lol

  4. What about sudden death 2 pt conversions? Both teams get a chance in each round. You win if you score and they don’t. But these are harder to convert than FGs lol.

  5. I think the Giants definitely have a worse schedule. Overall the scheduling this year has been atrocious. I was complaining about it but then looked up all the things they have to consider in order to make the schedule and it's not a job I would want.

  6. People are (rightly) disappointed that we didn’t win that when we had the chance, but we were a play away from straight up losing the game and we got a tie out of it. Silver linings!

  7. ties suck, but one of best games of the year...& NFL has a glory of NFC East coming back...valiant WFT effort...should have pipped a dub...let's do again in 2 wks!

  8. Giants should feel worse about this for than us, scoring on the last drive to tie was a let down for them. I’ll take it.

  9. No, we should. We missed a FG that would’ve won it for us, we botched great field possession after a shitty punt from Giants and still couldn’t move the ball enough to get the FG. We threw this game away.

  10. on the bright side someone definitely blocked that kick and i wish they would rush more kicks in general

  11. Next game against the Giants will be a big game because the winner of that will have the tie breaker in the standings.

  12. They do this to minimize the chance of injuries. I know it sucks, I don't like it either, but that's their reasoning.

  13. The play calling in OT was rubbish, but it was the right move to raise the white flag once it got to 3rd and 10.

  14. I can’t help but feel like a strategic surrender. I understand that it was probably the smart play long term (ie .5 game loss, and then we see them again in a couple weeks for the tie breaker) and short term (hodgepodge o-line and protection), but still tough to feel happy about it.

  15. Yes. It was the right move. If you run therr you have like an 80% chance of a tie. If you run another play tmyou have somewhere between 40-60% of a loss.

  16. This obviously better than a loss but considering the chances we had to win it, I’m not happy about a tie.

  17. Hard to be optimistic with a tie when you had the game a handful of times and just let it go - guess we’ll see in a couple weeks but if you want playoff football you have to win these types of games…

  18. We just have to tcb after the bye against these guys again. Tie doesn’t kill us… a loss would have put us behind the 8 ball.

  19. I almost hoped we would lose because we absolutely deserved it after the shit playcalling near FG range in OT. We threw that game away.

  20. I get being dissatisfied with a tie, but you’re a lame if you would rather take the L. We’ve got a bye to get guys healthy and cement our spot over the giants with a W at home

  21. The league should change it to penalty kicks. Start at the 35 and see which kicker misses first.

  22. Especially because we didn’t play as well on either side of the ball as we can. The offense was floundering all day, found a way to get it to overtime and the defense got going and made the stops it needed. I think we’re the better team and should be feeling confident for the rematch in 2 weeks.

  23. Well that was disappointing. They should have gone for the W when they were in plus territory earlier in Ot. That was junk

  24. I was 100% sure we were gonna lose based on how the 4th quarter was going, so hey could have been worse all things considered. Better a tie than a loss.

  25. I simply lost count of the flags thrown. Fucking penalty after penalty, and then that 15 yard loss with halfway to the goal in freaking overtime, that was the cherry on top. Thanks, Butler! Great timing.

  26. Turner's playcalling is always bad, but that first OT drive 1st down at the 43 playcalling was absolutely inexcusable

  27. Down 7 and with two 3rd stringers on the OL, a tie is basically a win for us, especially since now we get the bye and our rematch is at home.

  28. I really wish they didn't have ties, or had 15 min OT, but I understand why its like this, they want to minimize the chances of players getting hurt.

  29. I shouldn’t be as happy though cause we had so many chances, I guess Giants could say the same

  30. I thought he was holding up a finger asking if there was one more play. The offense would have had the ball back around midfield for a Hail Mary.

  31. He was asking for 1 second on the clock numb nuts he wasn’t celebrating no one was celebrating on either team ties fucking blow

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