Time to wake the *$&% up! It's Game Gay!!

  1. As an Argentinian and a manders fan I fell you bro. Nice run on the World Cup, I’m not gonna lie the ending was tighter than we expected. Good game. Now is time to root for our commies and kick some giant ass LHU!!

  2. You guys had a hell of a tournament and it was awesome to see how the sport has grown there. You showed you belong there and I hope to see you guys in the next one. If this WC has taught me anything, my livers still got it in the morning. ESP on game gay!!!

  3. The morning of the Eagle's game, someone wrote a GameDay post but misspelled it as gamegay. We won, so we've been running with it ever since

  4. God winning really does cute everything doesn't it? Can you imagine what we'd be saying about the game gay mistake if we were 3-9? But we aren't 3-9 so, ITS GAMEGAY PEOPLE

  5. Brothers in arms! Today is game gay. Let us go into battle together and take this victory for ourselves! Onward to a wonderful bye week.

  6. I’m terrified for today. Going to go to a bar for the game in north jersey, and I just feel like this game is asking me to be clowned and let down.

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