Game Status for Sunday, this is concerning...

  1. No BSJ is concerning, but the Falcons are supposed to be a run-heavy offense, so perhaps the impact is limited. Hope he heals up - he’s really evolving into a major force in the secondary

  2. Plus all the rain could limit any passing offense. Of course the rain also likely limits the chance of a chase young return..

  3. Only 1 guy to watch. Falcons coming into MD to run the ball on a rainy ass day, not for long as Jerry Glanville was fond of saying. Terry will have a huge day.

  4. Wildgoose. Bobby McCain has been playing the slot. I think Forrest stepped in to play some corner at one point this season, too

  5. Even though Chase Young is listed as questionable, I still feel that he will play. His designation as questionable is just a technicality because he only just returned from the IR

  6. Damn he just went on it? Must have been a pretty bad sprain. So this means another 4 weeks out for sure right? Or am I wrong

  7. I haven't heard anything from the team but Jahan as PR would be pretty cool. Plus early in the season he said he wanted to take some punts.

  8. I hope we see that. He was electric as a punt returner in college. I hope he does enough to at least take big moments (late game, opponent punting from end zone, etc) from Milne when Milne is healthy.

  9. No, it's really not cool at all, considering that punt returner is the most dangerous position to play, in terms of injury frequency.

  10. For what it’s worth Pitts is also out. If I could take BSJ and Pitts out of the game I’d take that 10 times out of 10. Definitely worried about long term finishing the season because ankle injuries can linger

  11. Milne has been very good at PR. The most important things are avoiding fumbles/muffs and catching the ball so you don't lose yards to bouncing, and he's been great at both.

  12. Not sure why the hate for milne, he's very reliable catching the ball and isn't afraid to catch it and get a few yards. Milne leads the league in punt returns because he will actually field the punt and not fair catch and he still ranks in the middle of the league in average.

  13. I get it Dilnes safe as safe can be returning punta. But when your method to win is lower scoring great defense and run game that's exactly what you need.

  14. So does this mean we’ll have Gibson returning punts? Milne is solid but Gibson is a much better athlete and in my mind would be better as a punt returner

  15. Not having St. Juste could hurt against Drake London, but the key needs to be to contain Mariotta in the pocket and stop the run anyway. Falcons OL is good in run blocking but crap in pass protection. Also their defense sucks. We need to jump out to a lead and let our pass rushers feast.

  16. Apparently not a very popular opinion. I got downvoted into oblivion for saying something similar. Don’t take it personal. The same guys that downvote us will be crying on game day chat when Milne is dancing around and can’t gain more then 3yds on a return.

  17. The only thing I hate about Milne hate is that I feel compelled to defend his mediocre ass. He catches the ball and gets average returns. He's the definition of JAG.

  18. I’m done with young. Replace his ass he’s just a fat ass hole in our pocket now. Sorry bro but they said you’d be back week 3 and we needed you back week 1…… NEXT!

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