Washington vs. Detroit (Week 2) - Final Injury Report

  1. Yea, plus their starting RG (Vaitai) was placed on IR before Week 1, and now their starting LG (Jonah Jackson) is listed as Questionable and didn't practice the last 2 days. If he's out as well, their interior is going to very weak.

  2. What do you think about Turner as a fantasy stater this week? Boom or bust? I picked him up thinking he would be a huge under the radar pick this week and wasn’t sure if I should start him over pitts. Pitts is play LA. I think I want to just try Turner and see if my gamble is a huge success.

  3. I only hope he’s not coming back too soon. I’d rather take a couple L’s now if it means he comes back healthy for the rest of the season.

  4. Yes! I kind of feared this would be this season’s “nagging injury” and he’d have difficulty getting on the field. His college highlights are impressive and he was supposedly a camp standout.

  5. When had Washington confidently put up 32 plus. Please realize we do bad against teams that should be easy wins.

  6. Davis isn't injured. Look at his designation (NIR = Non-injury related). He also practiced in full the past 2 days. Holcomb's injury doesn't seem to be that serious as he isn't listed as questionable for the game, even though he was limited at practice every day this week.

  7. Taking an advantage of the o-line problem should be huge for the defense. Making Goff beat us with his arm is a much more comfortable feeling than watching Swift run. Their CB’s are also not that scary to me as well which means if we can pass all over this secondary and get ahead quick we can really pin our ears back on defense which should make the weakening o-line problem for Detroit worse. I’m cautiously optimistic.

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