Game Thread: Washington Commanders at Kansas City Chiefs

  1. I want to say a lot about our defense but I won’t. I’ll just say that the William Jackson experiment needs to end after this season.

  2. the play on the field is not great but im overall more concerned with how much this team always looks like it hates being there. over the last several seasons I have only seen them have genuine positive vibes a few times, they pretty much always look like they are being forced to play.

  3. Overall, we played a very uninspiring game. Nobody looked particularly enthused. Wentz was ok but nothing really special. Looks like Gibson is in the doghouse. Defense is ass other than the pass rush and can't cover a TE for its life. I think JDR is gonna get sacked sometime this year. Hanky looked pretty good. Howell needs some more time in the oven but looks like he has potential.

  4. I just keep thinking about that absolute dart he threw 30 yards down field to Brown, broken up by the DB but his Arm Strength is insane

  5. I mean, rookie QB from a less competitive conference, they normally do to start. Hopefully TH and Wentz can help with that

  6. This team has tuned him out. They come out lackadaisical EVERY GAME. Last week a 13 play drive. Today it’s 14-0 before they introduced the defense. All that drill Sargent crap is played out. He’s done after this year

  7. Doc is the announcer/commentary/analyst version of Trump. I have no idea what these tangents are that he goes off on. Even more than Drew Gooden and Asscrack Kutcher.

  8. This is not an overreaction.... but because of that miscommunication between the QB and WR in the 4th quarter of a preseason game, I think they should contract the team and deport all the coaches and players to Mongolia.

  9. Howell looks like he has potential tho. Just got some work to do I think before we hand him the reins. I could even see like end of this season he could be better

  10. The receiver very clearly didn’t know his route lol. Was looking like a chicken with his head cut off. Woulda been a first down

  11. Boring game. Wentz did nothing. Announcer wouldn't stop calling TH "Hanky". Hanky had a good drive for a TD to Cam Sims. Howell lighting it up again.

  12. Am I the only one that is most excited about Howell at QB, then Heinicke, then Wentz? Not that Wentz won’t be the starter, but, I’m just not excited for him because I think he’s going to continue to be inconsistent and suck. Excited to see how Howell develops long-term.

  13. Ron will stick with him far too long. I don't think Wentz will lose games, he just won't win them. And as long as the blame can't be put on Wentz, he won't be benched.

  14. Just a reminder: Howell was slated to be a first round pick before last season, but, had an inconsistent season and struggled a bit because practically the entire UNC offense was gone. He’s a gamer. Future starter IMO.

  15. Remember, the second and third string QB both scored against backups that the starter couldn't even convert a third downs against.

  16. Honestly I think Howell will be a nice steal of the draft hopefully he starts some point in the reason

  17. I was really glad we drafted Dax. It seemed obvious to me that he was the main reason Zach Wilson was taken so high.

  18. They are just desperate for fans in the stadium and trying to attract military in the area. But those folks come from other places and already have teams. It’s so stupid

  19. Sometimes I wonder what it's like to have a home team that you just know is going to the playoffs. Like it isn't even a question. Just whether or not you win the Div championship and go to the Bowl.

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