My prediction this season 13-4 what y’all think plz don’t come for me trolling 😂😂

  1. I think this will be more meaningful in 6 hours when we see the schedule. Knowing rest advantage/disadvantage, travel, trap games, etc. is important.

  2. You skipped right pass the glass is half full stage and landed on "my glass is made of gold and is half filled with diamond" stage.

  3. I don't think we'll sweep the eagles. Loved to be proven wrong though. I also don't think we'll split with the boys. Could easily lose to the Browns depending on Watson's suspension. We shouldn't be green Bay With us being up I also see us dropping a dumb game somewhere. So something like 9-7 ?

  4. There's always one game that we lose to an opponent we have no business losing to. Jags stick out like a sore thumb to me in that regard. Plus Pedersen kinda owns us, so it fits.

  5. My guess is we lost to Detroit and Houston. Sucks a lot but we manage to beat Philly Tennessee and Minnesota so it's alright. I have us going 8-9 and dumping Wentz after the season

  6. I think we split against the Eagles. You have to see where the Cowboys are. Indy is a mixed bag. Packers might still be good??? Still think 10-7. There is going to be a trap game.

  7. Never understood these post. 1st of all know one knows who's going to be hurt from week to week. Also no one really knows how good each team is going to be.

  8. The fact people keep pushing this easiest schedule thing is weird to me. Most of the teams we play got better on all levels if we win more than 7 or 8 games I'll be shocked I'd be very happy to be wrong but this has been our worst offseason in recent memory and our front office and coaching staff sucks. People need to be more realistic with their expectations

  9. We also have the easiest schedule when measured by Vegas win totals, which has been predictive of actual strength of schedule.

  10. I disagree, we improved on the most important position in the game at qb and got some good pieces around him. If the team plays the same as the last couple years and Wentz plays like he did last year i think 10 plus wins is realistic. I think a playoff win is realistic.

  11. Ambitious. Would put it at 1000/1 odds if it were Vegas. I would just like to see a winning season. Would be a shocker if we won seven home games for sure

  12. I’m not sure we beat the packers at home, and I bet you we won’t sweep the eagles. So I’d adjust it to a convincing 11 win season

  13. We’re not beating the Packers and probably won’t beat the Eagles twice. Shit this schedule looks easy though lol

  14. I think our floor is 7 wins and our ceiling is 11. I personally am expecting 9, and would be thrilled with 10 and a playoff birth.

  15. I love your optimism, but... Dak is 9-1 against us... The only win being the Rich Tandler doink game which was basically divine intervention. We would need another beloved figure to pass away the same week to get a W against them I'm afraid.

  16. Anything below 9 wins is a complete failure, given the off season "push" and our talent. I think 11 - 6 is a realistic ceiling.

  17. I could see 11 wins as easily as I could see 6 wins from this schedule. The addition of Wentz should certainly make us better, but how much better I don't know. Nothing I've seen in the last 20 years of this franchise gives me a reason to mark ANY games as locks.

  18. We are at least 1 win better than last year on talent alone. And 1-2 wins better on schedule difficulty. I really and truly think 8-9 is the floor.

  19. The Cowboys were the only team in the league to go undefeated in their division. I haven’t seen any evidence that this will change.

  20. I don't know about 13 but there is no excuse to not win 10 unless we're just brutalized by injuries again.

  21. Close to zero chance of beating the Eagles. They're going to dominate the NFC East for years unless they fuck up royally. But I can't imagine they're not going to be a playoff team for years.

  22. aint winning shet till Ron is gone. Guy starts bringing in friends and family. This is football not cell phones you F. If only our owner could wake up and start running this team by firing his ash. This organization is a complete disaster.

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