A surrendering Russian soldier uses a grenade to attack his Ukrainian capturers

  1. Imagine being the mobik in tan surrendering...then suddenly dozens of rounds fired right over your face and an explosion...but somehow you're still okay. What a trip.

  2. Imagine being finally captured and in safety but the one special ivan you never liked anyways tries to pull a stunt.

  3. This guy was probably subject to a bunch of propaganda that the Ukrainians would torture him if captured. Sad that they believe it.

  4. That guy that fell over backpedaling as he fired probably saved the group as maybe he fell on his own grenade? But you'd expect more damage to him though and i didn't see an explosion?

  5. Guy in the blue pants is just trying to be as still as possible and show he’s zero threat. Dude just wants to live while Nakita Rambo does a final stand only to get shot a bunch

  6. I had to watch it a second time to see that they didn't get lit up. That's amazing restraint on both the part of the Ukrainians and the surrendering Russians.

  7. No surprise because it’s a fucking patrol police. In other footage one of them asking russian “you know who’s captured you? A fucking patrol police!”

  8. Probably due to the thick underbrush. A rifle barrel can get snagged up pretty easy. Also can be better when handling detainees, you can compress a pistol closer to your body and it’s harder to grab and manipulate than a muzzle of a rifle. At short range, the round is still effective.

  9. Funny you mention that. There’s footage of a remarkably similar situation from WWII where a marine shoots a surrendering Japanese soldier with an M1911 as they’re clearing out caves. Forget which island. I’ll see if I can find it.

  10. Much earlier in the war there was a small Ukrainian squad that snuck up to a Russian IFV. An older soldier went on top with his pistol, opened the hatch and opened up. Someone interviewing him mentioned how he wasn't afraid because he had his 'Glock with 17 brothers inside of it' or something like that. And it was all recorded. Pretty big post on this sub too.

  11. I used my 9mm in Afghanistan once. I was assigned as a M240B gunner, so I carried a side-arm 9mm Baretta for close quarters. I was also assigned an M4 that was only brought on missions where we set-up OP's and my 240 was left on a fortified position guarded in shifts so I could sleep and eat. After my shift on my way to pick up my M4 our OP got close ambushed from the exact wall I was walking along. I pulled my baretta and fired 4 shots in the direction we took fire from before it malfunctioned. I ran back and took up my 240 position. Fuck Baretta magazines.

  12. Lmao, these guys must be stoked to be able to wear their Adidas combat joggers. Soon -20C is coming, we will see a lot of frozen bodies

  13. This is mr blue tracksuit in the foreground, from the video from a day or so ago, the guy that was shivering his ass off, now i know why, and it wasn't just from the cold.

  14. Yeah, i think it was severe shock at having being almost killed, which he would have been if he hadn't got a bout of smarts and surrendered.

  15. This reminds me of Japanese soldiers hiding grenade in their body and fake surrender to try to bring down more people with him during ww2

  16. A lot of them did a lot of things like that, liek played possum amongst their own dead after a failed human wave attack and then when it was night attack the Americans in their foxholes, some marines made a point of bayoneting everybody they came across just to make sure they were actually "dead".

  17. Same went for 12th SS Panzer Div. They were fanatics to the bone, they pissed off Canadian soldiers by having POWs murdered in horrible ways, false surrenders, used corpses as traps, and so on. The retaliations by Canadians depicted similar brutality they bestowed on Germans in WWI by beating up POWs who resisted/false surrendered, shot down anyone who has no intentions to surrender when faced with barrels, or who dared to reach for grenades. Think of like 12th SS as Imperial Japanese Army on Okinawa.

  18. I’m thinking he chose to sling his rifle because of how dense that brush is. He was also likely planning on rummaging through items and maybe directing POWs so he opted for the pistol so he could move easier. But yeah I think that’s the first video I’ve seen of it

  19. He didn’t go down, and I don’t speak the language but seems like he said he got hit by it judging by the way our camera guy shot the dead body a few extra times after their conversation

  20. People often underestimate how much people can take before they die. There has been several videos from Ukraine where someone takes fire from six rifles and the guy is still not dead and is trying to shoot back.

  21. And that also happens a lot in the Middle East i’ve seen videos of soldiers cursing each other in Arabic

  22. Russian was the language of the Soviet Union and thr vast majority of Ukranians can speak it. About 30% speak it as their first language.

  23. A lot of Ukrainians were forced to learn it back years ago and the closer you get to the border the more you come across it so some people speak both for ease of communication etc.

  24. This is nothing new, when a third party separates two sides that have a lot in common (language, culture). the best example is the war in Yugoslavia in 1992

  25. I find it extremely sad most of all. All because of some narcissist psycho dictator's delusional imperialist fantasies, now these Russian young men are forced to go kill people who could have been their cousins or classmates in another time

  26. The yelling Ukrainian actually shames whole video one of the russians because they are there and not home. Like why you here, force? Who forced you? Your nation? You city? Don't lie to me.

  27. Not to mention endangering his comrades as the granade could've killed them, and the Ukrainians would have a green light and good incentive to kill them all

  28. From reading other comments the cameraman said "don't shoot these ones" (meaning the POW's he was watching over) and I assume the rest of it is "he pulled a grenade!" with the usual amount of Eastern European swearing thrown in, so like "fuck he fucking pulled a fucking grenade, fuck!"

  29. He could’ve had a warm bed and chow this time the very next day. And eventually return home after the war. Oh well. A Russian doing a Russian thing.

  30. Seeing video and footage like this it’s no surprise why so many combat vets come home and deal with ptsd. How can you ever go back to civilian life after going through something like this. God Bless all the Ukrainians and her Allies fighting this war

  31. It's a war crime to fake a surrender, for good reason. If many people do it, nobody will believe the others may want to surrender anymore and just shoot them on the first opportunity.

  32. are we just gonna ignore the fact that one of the russians is wearing blue adidas 3 stripe sweatpants to combat? cant get more stereotypical than that

  33. what's more interesting is i can't see gloves on any of them, that's going to suck big time as it gets colder.

  34. You ended up endangering the life of your comrades by pulling a completely useless grenade attack that killed absolutely no one except your chance of an open casket.

  35. Looks like his pistol had a malfunction the first one or two shots. Light primer strike or something? Edit: you can see the hammer strike a couple times with no bang

  36. BIGGER WATERMARKS! PLEASE! but insane footage... this is all the cruel war storys we heard of in real time enfolding in front of the world ... in HD optics ...

  37. Look another war crime. Pretending to surrender then attacking is a war crime. Not that it matters at this point it's just another on a large pile.

  38. His buddies are lucky UA army doesn’t casually engage in war crimes like Russia. After that false surrender I don’t know if I’d have the restraint to avoid popping off all of his buddies.

  39. 12 round double action Fort-12/17. Look at the length of that trigger pull, he tries to shoot the gun twice before he actually pulls the trigger hard enough.

  40. I remember a couple weeks back people were commenting about how it's bizarre that the Ukrainians were just letting the people surrendering run up to their position. It was met with people talking about how this isn't like the conflict in the Middle East and how Russians wouldn't do that. Like, "they wouldn't do that, would they?" is not how you should conduct business.

  41. They were telling all the soldiers to save two grenades for surrender and blow them up. There is video of it. Just one more war crime. If they start doing that they will become less inclined to take surrendering soldiers. The Russians don’t want the Ukrainians taking POWs. That way he can use it as a deterrence for his army so that they don’t quit fighting and surrender.

  42. That Ukrainian guy was like 'oh shit' and proceeds to light the guy up. That's some Japanese WW2 tactics. Dirty as hell.

  43. Those other Russians are SOOOO fucking lucky the UA exercised restraint and professionalism. It would have been pretty understandable if it had gone a different direction and they just lit them all up.

  44. Bit of a stupid question, But why is so much smoke coming out of the barrel? It seems weirdly excessive. It also looks like the Gun of the guy filming misfired a few times.

  45. One could almost understand those nutjobs being promised paradise, but this guy was promised a Lada for the family...

  46. Fake surrendering is a war crime. War crimes are not crimes because of war, but because of the peace that will (hopefully) come after. If you can't trust someone is surrendering, it makes peace harder, no matter the outcome. Even if Russia wins, they will face guerilla warfare in all places, similar to what Americans faced in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  47. That's how you get no quarter. It didn't help the Japanese on Okinawa, nor the Argentinians at Goose Green and it won't help the Russians either.

  48. You do that and right or wrong Ukrainian soldiers will stop accepting surrenders. You can’t figuratively throw up the white flag then attack.

  49. I hope the Ukrainians set an example for treatment of POW in the future. No reason to hurt them. Don't really need information out of them, Russia already broadcasts it all on unsecured radios.

  50. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this. Did camera man's pistol misfire the first time he shot? I feel like I saw the hammer drop but not fire.

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