UA soldiers working on clearing Russian trench

  1. This looks exactly like if I’d I walked out my backyard. The terrain is exactly the same I’d see in my US city. All these videos are so eerie.

  2. I was waiting for them to walk around a corner and see a bunch of russians in the middle of eating lunch, like that part in saving private ryan where the wall falls over.

  3. I think in no hearing the mortar sounds whistling above is crazy. Like out of a movie where you think they over emphasize the actual mortar sound.

  4. I watched a Russian soldier giving another Russian soldier head from a Ukrainian drone that dropped munitions on them today. What a time to be alive.

  5. A lot of them have go pros. If they have a lot of trench clearing, couldn’t they put it on a selfie stick and use the back screen as a live view so they don’t have to fully peak around the corner? Especially if their shadow is exposing them

  6. Ya this is crazy tense and 10,000x worse when actually there. Unlike a game, there’s no reset button if you peek a corner you shouldn’t.

  7. You would think this is the perfect application for all those quad drones they have out there; spotting enemies in the trenches.

  8. Imagine doing it in WW1 with a gas mask on and dead bodies lying everywhere....not that this is much better but damn those old fucks had balls of steel

  9. when it's all done and over, and Ukraine wins ofc, were going to have loads of intense/real footage movies of it all.

  10. When he went around one corner you could see his shadow before he went around the corner and I am thinking to myself, careful there, they can see you!

  11. Ah I see Russians used asbestos cement AKA eternit to reinforce their trench. I would say it's a health hazard but then, most of them won't last long enough for asbestos to cause lung cancer and kill them anyway.

  12. Yes, emphasis and focus shifts at war: smoking is only dangerous now, because you can be seen by snipers from a mile away at night, not because it can cause lung cancer ;-)

  13. I can’t help but imagine the trenches of WW1, not just a few people going through trenches but tens of thousands, bombs that pop off every second for hours at a time, mud and blood flooding trenches making it hard to walk, not a single green shrub in sight because it’s all been blown up so many times. Someone blows a whistle and you and your friends throw yourself into a wall of bullets, those who make it wait for the enemies whistle. A whole different ballgame.

  14. After this is all over and Ukraine had won the documentaries of this war are going to be crazy. So much high quality footage

  15. This is probably the closest thing we have to compare to what it must have been like being a British Tommy, German Stormtrooper, or French Infiltrator running through the other sides trench, clearing it, albeit probably a bit more contact and he’ll of a lot more bloody considering the area of operations were usually fully mobilized and occupied sectors. Chilling seeing trench clearing in reality with the odd quiet and the sporadic shell and round zipping over. Surreal is the word that best conveys what I’m trying to say.

  16. Thats what i was thinking when watching this. Vietnam and iraq wars never gave me ww1/ww2 vibes… this feels like how it would have looked and felt like… quite eerie…

  17. An army who digs trenches in the radioactive soil around Chernobyl would have absolutely no issues with using asbestos sheets to line their trenches with.

  18. To be specific those sheets are called Eternit. It's a mix of asbestos and cement. Those were pretty common in eastern Europe as a rooftop cover etc. As long as they are leaved intact they are not so harmful. But when you break it asbestos fibres start to fly and that's not good. Despite it's popularity not many people know about possible harmful outcomes. My guess is that someone just stole those sheets from buildings to reuse as trench walls not knowing about health hazards.

  19. Putin pushing casualty reports aside, "Boris, tell me if you've made improvements in reducing our safety violations!? It's critical we get our men confined space permits and white cards"

  20. I grew up near Wittenoom, this type of asbestos sheeting is all over the Pilbara, even today. Largest asbestos-contaminated area in the southern hemisphere, more than 50,000 hectares. The outback is still absolutely littered with blue asbestos.

  21. This trench system was probably made by the survivors of the unit that dug into the chernobyl grounds, doubt that any are still living though.

  22. A GP25 40mm under barrel grenade launcher on a AK rifle (probably a 74) with aftermarket picatinny rail replacing the wood with what looks like a eotech holographic sight on top and a after market muzzle device. Pretty nice set up for a 1980s era rifle and launcher.

  23. It’s for their homeland my guy. I’m not trying to be a keyboard warrior or anything and I have no combat training/experience but if men were invading my home and raping/killing/torturing my people I would 100% volunteer to do this. I have children. I would kill for their sake.

  24. They're fighting for their existence, and their right to choose their own leaders, and the right of their children to have dreams and ambitions.

  25. From what I've read about conscription (ww2) mostly you get a bit numb to it. It helps to have good morale and be on the right side of things with good equipment mind.

  26. Have not seen footage like this till now. Absolutely nuts how intimate this perspective is and how every corner is a potential catastrophe

  27. The first little bit of crawling through a near silent trench was horrifying. Then the shots and explosions started cracking in the distance and I wanted to duck in my seat

  28. This is an excellent IRL example of why it is inherently more dangerous in Tarkov to left peek as opposed to right peek (as the viewpoint is mounted on the right side of the hitbox, in this case, a real human being).

  29. Damn these dudes are kitted out, look at those fucking guns! They look like they are from cod with all those accessories and that camo

  30. Fuck being a point man. My balls were in my throat watching him round corners. And hes just so robotic about it. That shit probably fries your nerves so bad

  31. Moron russians lined their whole trench system with asbestos roofing, if any survive the war they'll all be getting lung cancer in 10 yrs.

  32. or assuming he's using a GoPro that can connect to his phone he can just put the GoPro on a stick and look from his phone.

  33. Anybody know why the trenches have sheet metal lining them? I can't imagine that would help for protection, if anything make things worse...

  34. It's not metal, you can hear it cracking when they step on it, it's asbestos cement or eternit, you don't want to be near that shit.

  35. Nice asbest pieces have to say.Probably taken from the roofing of houses lol. I wonder what’s the point of them except giving you cancer .

  36. In the army we are trained to clear Russian style trenches (what this is) and the SOP generally is to lob a grenade around every corner we go

  37. What makes this trench Russian style? Is there a particular characteristic to it that Russians do which other countries don't? Just looks like a trench to me.

  38. The trouble is you can only carry so many grenades and if there's a lot of corners and bunkers etc you either have to ration or just pause to resupply, either way very slow going or quick, depends of how the person does it.

  39. Golfplate roofing lined trench. asbestos galore. mesothelioma cancer in 20+ years. I've seen it all now.

  40. He’s using a conical flash hider made in Ukraine by Strela. I use one on my AK here in the states, (LARPing of course) but they are actually really nice pieces of kit. High quality. Kills all the flash on my standard size AK in 7.62, even in darkness.

  41. America gonna start exporting its mesothelioma class action suit attorneys. Truly one of our most important cultural contributions to the world.

  42. Actually, that plate stuff won't hurt ya if'n ya don't grind it up & breathe it. I'm a chemist, and I hadda work with it a bit. Avoid the dust, but corrugate won't hurt ya. Ach, wait a minute, I don't feel to good, arrghhh.......

  43. Him putting those grenades in the tube is so satisfying to me. The sound it makes is soothing.

  44. Remember when Canada and other NATO allies were training Ukrainian troops exactly how to clear Russian trench systems. Amazing to see how useful those early days of collaboration and training are now.

  45. Why do i think the trenches would be the least safe place to be here? Someone throws a grenade and … Would low crawling along the perimeter be less safe/practical?

  46. Trenches are supposed to be dug in a zig zag formation for this exact reason. A grenade or mortar goes off it only affects a small section. Crawling on the perimeter in a fairly flat location is signing your own death warrant. You're hoping someone doesn't see you, and if they do they are well over 500 yards away and artillery is out of range. If artillery starts shooting off you're dead.

  47. I live in a community of 165 families, S. Florida, We have 32 Russian Families Not one has talked or said one word about this war. for them, it doesn't exist

  48. So even here in America, they keep their heads in the sand and stay silent, not even a feeble attempt at voicing opposition to it and trying to demonstrate that at least some Russians have hearts and consciences?

  49. These walls looks like eternit in Poland it was very popular thing to cover sheds or barns.. it's asbestos inside.

  50. Ah finally, COMBAT FOOTAGE. And no tiktok music or Ukrainian Dubstep. IT's hard to believe but this sub used to be filled with footage like this daily. I come here probably once a week now compared to postwar where i came here daily.

  51. I'm sure a Ukrainian commander will read your post and up their combat footage game to meet the exacting standards of some reddit douchebag. I mean, it's not like they have anything else to do, amirite?

  52. The Syrian footage also had music blasting through most video's. It's just how video's on the web are nowadays.

  53. This guys must be super tired from dragging there huge balls along with all that kit, fuckin props boys! This gave me anxiety watching it, these guys are metal.

  54. Reminds me of trying to storm a trench in World War I. I was nervous as hell watching this because I was half wondering if they were going to make contact and it was going to resort to CQC.

  55. Is it sense to make a RC car with a camera and a grenade box like it is in the drones? Or using the drone to spot the car, maybe with a mass center lowered by the explosive.

  56. You can't have too many grenades in this situation. In WW1 my great-uncle and his mates attacked into a German trench line. First they used all their own grenades to clear the dug outs. Then they used all the captured German grenades they could find. After all the German grenades were gone they were forced to surrender.

  57. so, question: im kinda looking to recreate some of the weapons used by the UAF- what furniture and muzzle devices do they normally use (aside from standard wood/plastic)?

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