A Ukrainian drone dropping a munition on two Russian soldiers doing illicit activities. 03.10.2022.

  1. They didn't die, pretty obviously. They got lucky and the bomb fell into the service trench next to them. Probably scared the shit out of them both, though.

  2. There are two videos that are totally nuts to me. This one, and the guy who gets drone grenaded while poopin'.

  3. “Artem, you know what this means right? If the Russians knew we had this footage we’d become the most wanted men in Ukraine. We’re getting medals for sure Artem”

  4. I still just can’t even believe the whole drone dropping grenades thing is even real… But this one is top 3 so far for sure. The one right thru the sunroof, the guy taking a dump, and now this one.

  5. I almost feel like not dropping a grenade on these guys and getting a closer up with the drone would be x1000000 better for the war effort.

  6. I was trying to keep the word “blowjob” out of the title of combat footage lmao, didn’t know how else to objectively phrase it.

  7. Never in a million years I would imagine seeing drone footage of Russians blowing each other while Ukrainian blow them both up. This war is fucking wild.

  8. It’s the Russian military… it probably wasn’t consensual. Real huge institutionalized rape issue over there within their military and prison system. Rape is a human evil that has been and will be used for means other than sexualization wherever humans gonna human, but it really has a home within Russia’s power dynamics.

  9. Reminds me of the Apache video from Afghanistan where they were taking turns with a sheep.

  10. I think they probably got away with minor injuries since the bomb fell into that trench. unless the giver clenched their jaw in the panic............

  11. Just when u didnt think it could get even more embarrassing for Russia....Weird especially as its a country with such incredible homophobia....

  12. They'll say "even Ukrainians are attacking NATO for their heathen, debaucherous ways". Nevermind the fact there's not a Ukrainian or volunteer this poorly kitted in the hole country lol

  13. I love this concept that it’s not gay if it’s part of a hazing ritual or a prank. I didn’t rape you it was a prank bro!

  14. I always feel like somebody's watchin' me. And I have no privacy. I always feel like somebody's watchin' me. Who's playing tricks on me?

  15. This might be the only recorded death of someone while getting oral sex. I thought Russia didn’t have any gays and the Western world will turn all their children into trans and homosexuals😩

  16. Hoping this gets to the top of this subreddit. So in 10 years time when some edgy kid wants to look at the best war combat footage they get to see this man on man blowjob instead.

  17. A big part of Putin’s reasoning for war is to protect his Christian families from the gays. Turns out the gays are everywhere, who would have guessed?

  18. Well. You know the rule. It's not gay if it's in prison. And I guess this war might as well be a prison sentence for every Russian that ended up there (often without their consent).

  19. I mean getting a bomb dropped on me while getting head is probably a top 5 way to go. Dunno about the dude on his knees but it's probably on his list too

  20. Amnesty International in the meantime: "Ukrainian troops are killing representatives of the LGBT community"

  21. To bad the grenade landed in that trench area they are probably both relatively unhurt unless the guy bit the other guys dick off when the grenade came out of nowhere

  22. Gay rape and sex is widespread in the Russian army. These raging homophobes weaponised sex to maintain internal hierarchies. At least one thing they learned from the Spartans.

  23. Saw this on telegram. First I thought the guy is shaving his beard :D then someone post a zoom video...and ,oh well....

  24. OMFG. This must be the most bizzare footage I have ever witnessed on this sub. I don't know how to react. There're too many human/inhuman elements simultaneously encapsulated in this 30 secs video at once. We should consider to present this to alien in case we need to introduce our species efficiently.

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