2 Ukrainian su-24’s dropping bombs on Russian positions, destroying one tank. Filmed by the 61st brigade. September 2022.

  1. Was This some kind of live training for the pilots? Because other side of the river is UA controlled. Even 60mm mortar would do the job.

  2. The quoted UAF figures pre-war were very much the number of active "flyable" aircraft, not total airframes. For most types in the UAF inventory the total number of airframes in country was multiple times what was active pre-war.

  3. After watching all the footage of Russian tanks being knocked out with one drone drop , its weird that this seems like an expensive way to kill a tank and so last war now!

  4. Also, it's quite difficult to accurately drop dumb bombs on a target hidden under tree cover from a fast moving jet. This was good flying by the Ukranian pilots, but it's not surprising that this kind of attack is rare.

  5. In fairness to the jet, a drone might knock out a tank with a lucky hit. A jet will destroy the tank and any surrounding support/camp. Being that this seems to have come from Kherson area, I'm betting they assumed a high enough density of Russians to make it worthwhile.

  6. The war has certainly proven that attack planes like SU-25 are obsolete. Direct dumb attacks like this seem to have become very rare and ineffective on both sides, with actual successes like this (provided the title story is true) being rare outliers.

  7. It still amazed me Russia's first goal wasn't to dominate the skies. We are seeing Ukraine now go right up to Russian areas. If Russia had the skies this would be so different.

  8. it was and they tried to as early as march but ukraine had thousands of manpads on the ground so they gave up pretty quickly

  9. It was the first plan for Russia they just suck at seek and destroy and Ukraine knows how to hide and seek.

  10. Hard to say based on this if they're filmed at the same location. It seems to be some kind of tree farm in the first picture, and it would at least not be impossible for the second picture to also be a tree farm (seems quite spacious between trees).

  11. Actually confident enough to do bomb runs right over target vs standoff rocket launches. I would say that is a good sign of some air control by an air force (UAF) that has been destroyed 4 times over per Russian claims.

  12. Holy shit, 200 hundred and change days into this war and we finally see air assets acting like air assets. If i see another gunship arch up to fire indirect rockets and then RTB I'm gonna sling my own manpads into the sky!

  13. The first planes payload is nice and tight while the second is spread out perfectly to the edges.

  14. Even our older Block A10s would have fun in a battlefield with incompetent anti air and most of the manpads on your side now.

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