What's the most expensive and worst quality restaurant in the city?

  1. Our realtor got us a gift card there. We were mad about food and service, and it wasn’t even our money we were spending.

  2. he’s a dirt bag, but his food concepts are pretty decent, but that’s probably because he steals other restaurants food concepts.

  3. Wife and I just went to Mitchell’s at Polaris and it was very blah. Service was ok, food was bland, not seasoned very well, and I’m almost certain that we had lesser quality ingredients as a result of restaurant week but that last part is a conspiracy theory of mine.

  4. Same at the Polaris location, poor quality dining experience and food - would not have found it acceptable even at a lower price point.

  5. I agree with this. Went a couple years ago, steak was alright but sides were cold.. I was upset that I spent that much on a crappy dinner/celebration. Also the decor is soo bad!!

  6. Agreed. I work near there and we used to go for special occasions with work friends. Ever since they were bought out, their food has been ridiculously expensive and honestly not very good. Never going back and I warn people away from it.

  7. Parlay sporting club and kitchen, highschool lunch teir food for way too much. 16$ for 5 pigs in a blanket, the food is just bland. They also plaster waygu on everything.

  8. We did restaurant week there because we’d never heard of it… they bungled it so badly that they cut the bill in half. Still wouldn’t recommend the food.

  9. Well thanks for the inadvertent restaurant recommendations everyone! Lol I’ll be trying Rooh and The Barn at my next opportunity

  10. I've been to the Barn a few times. If you enjoy beef and bourbon it's Ron Swanson approved. Also, the first time I was there the waiter noticed my steak was slightly overcooked (it wasn't bad enough for me to complain) the chef came out with a new steak that they were more pleased with. It was wild, I'm not used to service like that. Also the Bourbon Citrus is a killer cocktail on their drink menu.

  11. Yeah, some of this you gotta take with a grain of salt. For some people, nothing is worth paying over $15 no matter what. Like, I know that Cap City ain't the best restaurant in the city, but it's actually one of the better quality to price ratios out there. Then people list Condado as an "expensive but bad restaurant."

  12. I went to the barn twice so far this year, first time was incredible, second time was honestly pretty bad. Not sure if we got unlucky or lucky

  13. The Barn is ok IMO, they used to have some really killer ribs but last few times they were meh. I will say and I dont know if they are doing it now but their Sunday brunch is absolutely worth it.

  14. Obscenely expensive for what you get. I stopped going entirely 5-6 years ago. I’m guessing that place would not exist without business dinner write offs and tourists.

  15. The one time I had dinner there, my fiancé ordered a side of tater tots and it was like... A grand total of five (5) tots. For like $13 or something obscene. They weren't special in any way. Never again

  16. My company reported that we needed to start saving money, then they took us there, where each entrée was $75 or more. It wasn't even that great of a steak.

  17. Disagree I’ve worked in all types of fine dining restaurants in Columbus, RH has easily the cleanest kitchen and the best sourced food…. It’s overpriced but the food is still top notch

  18. I’ve never cared much for the Quality/Price ratio at Columbus fish market or Mitchell’s Ocean club but I grew up in Newport Beach so I that probably messes with my opinion of any seafood place.

  19. Agreed about the fish market, I blew a lot of money there and still got snobbery and bad food 🙂

  20. As New Jersey transplants my husband and I always rule out trying this place for that exact reason. Thanks for taking it out of the conversation lol

  21. I live down the street from Columbus Fish Market. Was so excited to try it. I’m too old for rude awakenings but sure had one there.

  22. Honestly the best steaks I’ve ever had my dad and I made ourselves, high quality meat with good seasoning (Morton’s nature blend is my favorite) reverse seared and butter basted with garlic, rosemary, and sage

  23. Tbh I think a majority of people can't appreciate a lot of high end meals. That's not a slam on "the poors," but a lot of Americans' palates are tuned for "obviously good" food (i.e. this has a lot of butter, salt, spices, richness, etc.) while subtler flavors are absolutely wasted on them. And the only reason I'm saying this is because it took me years of cooking Japanese food to begin to appreciate subtler food.

  24. El Segundo in Short North. Everything was bland and even the drinks sucked and it was incredibly expensive. Definitely do not feel like I got my money’s worth there

  25. I’ve had it a couple times now and thought the food was very good every time as well as the service. Maybe just inconsistent and I got lucky?

  26. Ocean Club. My meal there was a disgrace for the price. I have since learned that Refectory is a much better alternative and will usually cost less for a much better entre.

  27. It's not the most expensive, but I can't stand first-watch. It sucks so bad, Ive always said that it's nothing more than a gentrified bob evan's

  28. I recently had both The Original Pancake House and First Watch and I thought Pancake House was worse both times.

  29. It’s a shame because there was a time when Oscars was wonderful but it’s been terrible for years now. Of all the solid places to eat in that area, it’s very low on the list.

  30. I’ve been there a few times for lunches and once for dinner. They are overpriced for sure but I don’t think their service or food is bad.

  31. I was so excited when this place was under construction because I thought I'd have another nearby option for lunch. Then I saw the price point...

  32. I've eaten there like twice, once when it opened and again like a year after. First experience was excellent honestly, but the second was pretty disappointing. My guess is they lost some important employee(s) who kept it running smoothly

  33. Chophouse 614. Not the most expensive, but far too overpriced for the quality. If you do go there, please don’t get the mussels.

  34. I recently did Restaurant Week dinner at Asterisk and it was not remarkable at all. I struggled to find anything really worth the travel time or money on the RW menu or full menu. Their sister restaurant Ampersand was great, though

  35. Asterisk used to be great, ESPECIALLY during tea time. I used to go there with my partner for tea and finger sandwiches, felt like a trip back in time. Then COVID hit and their prices became astronomical. I can’t exactly blame them as they’re in a nice part of town and COVID took quite a chunk of their business. They gotta keep the doors open, but I just couldn’t justify $100 for tea for two with some finger sandwiches and pastries.

  36. Final Cut at the casino. Over $300 for two people for awful cuts of steak that were cooked nowhere near request with sides that tasted like they had been nuked from a package.

  37. Jeff Ruby's. Had an okay meal there then after dinner, my wife wanted a coffee and ordered a cappuccino without an issue. I asked if I could have an Americano. They told me it wasn't possible, I was confused since they had espresso on the menu as well and an Americano is just espresso with water. Still, I realized an Americano wasn't actually on the menu so I apologized for ordering off the menu and asked for just the espresso. About 5 minutes later my waiter comes back and tells me they can do an Americano if I want it. He explained they just didn't know if they could make it before because their coffee wasn't fresh they just had a Keurig in the back and were making the pods for whatever people ordered.

  38. Just as an aside, I ordered an espresso from the Refectory the last time we were there, and it was very good! The best part?? Shit was only $3! A bargain!

  39. Anything by Yvonne Sarber , I don’t think she has any restaurants anymore but… Olivers? She used to have manifesto and de novo they were all Complete jokes

  40. One of the funniest Columbus related things I've seen was a Dispatch video that is sadly no longer up where they interviewed people who were at Spaghetti Warehouse to catch a glimpse of John Travolta who was shooting that terrible movie next door. One woman is like "I don't know anything about John Travolta, I'm just hear to eat."

  41. It’s weird, I remember loving it as a kid (but I think I honestly liked it because we always ate in the train car!) but as an adult? It’s punishment to eat there. I keep hearing people say “I wonder when they’ll be back?” …uh, never? Canned ravioli is about the same quality! 🤮

  42. ... and now for a list of every expensive restaurant in town, and each poster's anecdote about a bad experience at said restaurant.. and GO.

  43. Ruth’s Chris steakhouse. I was sat next to the kitchen and the smell of the butter on they melt for steak cooking was so strong, it was sickening. I like butter as much as the next guy, but this was overwhelming

  44. Only went there once and it was on my company’s credit card, alcohol included so I thought it was AMAZING. But like 5 expensive ass double shots will make just about anything good.

  45. I know this city has a hard-on for any Cameron Mitchell restaurant (and in fairness, most of his restaurants are very good). But I've found The Avenue to just be an average steakhouse, and there are a half-dozen other places which do it better for similar prices.

  46. Big fan of all the legacy Cameron's places (Cameron's, Ocean Club, Cap City Grandview, etc.) His newer places are just underwhelming and the service isn't the same (The Avenue, Hudson 29, Delmar).

  47. Your feeling on Avenue is my feeling on the entire Cameron Mitchell restaurant group. Every concept is the average, overpriced, watered down version of the original inspiration.

  48. Not sure most would consider that expensive. I’d say about $50+ per person for food alone gets into the “expensive” realm.

  49. Condado tacos. Meh food and too pricey. 10.00 dip that was the size of my kids hand. The tacos were bland with peppers and hot sauce covering it up 2/10

  50. Condado is disgusting to me. Looking through that scantron menu, I could tell nothing was really curated to pair with anything else. Too much sweet, too much habanero—peppers have different flavors!! And then having innovations and fusion on the menu…fusion should still be thoughtful!!

  51. Fish Market- place has gone way downhill over the past several years. The last time I was there (will officially be my last time) they served me food that had spoiled. Like, rancid/ammonia smelling couscous.

  52. Eddie Merlot’s. Tasteless as hell, people show up because it’s expensive, they don’t know any better/don’t care and they want to be seen. I can make better steak while stoned.

  53. Seems to be very location specific. Polaris location is the only place I've ever had to send back a steak for something other than temp issues (they brought out the gristle end of a whole ribeye, something that likely gets turned into ground meat or dog food).

  54. There is a lot of stupid overpriced pizza in this town that is nothing but GFS ingredients and frozen dough. You know who you are.

  55. I was really blown away by just how blah Wolfs Ridge was for dinner compared to the hype / price. It was only once though so could’ve just been an off night

  56. I think Covid caused some setbacks there for a bit but I went to dinner there the other week and had the blackened catfish, it was worth every penny 🤤

  57. They do change their menu seasonally. I really liked when they had duck pot pie, haven't been back though, nothing on the menu interests me at the moment

  58. I had dinner there once, like a burger or something, and it was whatever. I went to an event there in their private room that they catered and the food was amazing.

  59. Definitely an off night, this is like our go to fancy dinner place, been probably 5+ times over a while, one of our favorite places. Would give it another shot if you’re wanting to!

  60. I went for restaurant week in January. I had some good duck there, but I tried the rest of my party's dishes, and they were all disappointing. So essentially I tried the entire menu that night and really only liked a fourth of it, which is a bit alarming. Went there another time and tried a few items some friends got (I think it was tacos, charcuterie, and one other thing), and wasn't impressed. They had a good (expensive) pretzel, but at this rate, I'd just go to Gemüt.

  61. I've been to Wolf's Ridge several times, most recently with my dad last month when he was in town and our meal was freaking excellent. Their seared salmon with sticky rice is revolutionary and probably the best dish I've had anywhere all year. They're a Columbus gem.

  62. Texas de Brazil. Not at all impressed. Luckily we had gift cards to cover the bill. Thought it was pretty rude too when our ‘server’ asked if he could keep the balance on our card on top of his 20% tip. Less than $10 , but still……….

  63. Tony’s Italian Restaurant in the Brewery District. Although it is not more expensive than a lot of restaurants, I paid $100 for two plates of burnt pasta, chicken noodle soup that was clearly from a Campbells can given that the noodles were star shaped, and ice cold bread.

  64. I haven't eaten there in a very long time (measured in decades probably) but they used to have the best veal parm in Columbus. Sad to hear it's clearly declined.

  65. I have a love hate relationship with hot chicken takeover. I absolutely LOVE the food, however they are very pricey and I find the restaurant to be over stimulating. Anyone else come to this conclusion??

  66. I didn’t like their food at all. I got a chicken sandwich with no sides for like $15. The bread was soggy and the chicken was not good

  67. I love the chicken, but the sides are all completely average and it's all priced way too high to be a regular thing

  68. Molly Woo's. Been there before and liked it. Now it is meh. Slow service and food that is not better than Applebees but at twice the cost. Way too expensive for the quality of food and service.

  69. I can get better "Chinese" in my "1000 acres of nothing" village than I can at MollyWoo. The atmosphere is nice-ish, but all over the place.

  70. Never had food there, only been at the bar. But from what I could see, it looked pretty good. Bar prices were actually very fair. Even for pours of top shelf bourbon.

  71. That would not be considered an expensive restaurant. Last time I went it was like $70 before tip for 3 entrees and an appetizer.

  72. I’m sure I’ll get downvoted but (and granted this was only one visit) my trip to the Refectory did not leave me impressed.

  73. Same. I went during restaurant week a few years ago. Our table and the table next to us had the same server. When dropping off dishes at the other table, the waiter (an older white guy) would explain the dishes in great detail and linger for questions. When dropping off dishes at our table, he would drop them off and walk away without a word. When I asked a question while ordering, I got terse one word answers.

  74. Katalinas no doubt…. Sure, the pancake balls are different and fun and exciting (still overpriced), but bigger issue is $20 for a mediocre sandwich? $15 for avocado toast? The service is consistently terrible as well

  75. This isn’t an overly expensive restaurant, but it is a Cameron Mitchell… Molly Woos Asian Bistro at Polaris is terrible. I’d honestly rather go to Panda Express.

  76. Jeff Ruby’s. The most expensive steakhouse in town, the steaks were so-so, the sides were awful, the desserts mediocre, the ambiance resembled a mall restaurant, and our check was about $300 for two people. You can get better food and ambiance for around 1/3 less money at Hyde Park downtown.

  77. Having been to steak houses around the country (for work), JR is far from so so. Definitely better than Hyde Park too. Price is crazy, can't disagree there, but I wonder if the price colors your opinion a bit

  78. We got a $200 gift card to Jeff Ruby’s and still had to pay an extra $100 out of pocket for an okay meal. I really expected to be blown away but I could’ve made better food at home. The service was very good though.

  79. Smokey Bones at Easton. I found the food to be very mid aside from their cornbread (but that’s mostly cause it came with a really nice sweet butter) and it was rather pricey, especially for the portion sizes…

  80. Yeah I refuse to ever go there again, they served us lemonade that tasted like it was made with pasta water.

  81. For the places I've tried multiple times I'll say J. Gilbert's wood fired steaks. All 3 times I've been the steaks have been mediocre to just plain horrible. Got a fillet once that was flavorless. Tried a chicken dish the 2nd time and that was dried out. The 3rd time I got a ribeye and it looked like it was beaten thin with a hammer before cooked well done even though I ordered it medium rare. Their food is pure shit and I will never give them my business again.

  82. I’ve been here several times, each with different people. Every time it has been a crowd favorite. Some of the best meals in town.

  83. Never had a bad meal there myself but the last time we went the waiter seemed to be in a rush to get us out of there (brought us our bill before asking us if we'd like another drink) we overheard him complaining to his fellow waitstaff about having too many tables...

  84. Easily my favorite steakhouse in town. Astonished you had the bad experiences there but certainly wouldn’t blame you for not going back after that.

  85. We usually have a great time there, but get where you are coming from. We've had a few sub-standard meals there (and I've literally spent $1000's there over the years), but they made it right with us. Crabcakes are recommended! Good happy hour as well, love their bar.

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