Best hummus in Columbus, OH?

  1. Mazah in Grandview. Make sure to get a little of their homemade hot sauce. Also grab a dessert or two. All amazing.

  2. Came here to suggest Falafel Kitchen in north market bridge park! They are the sister restaurant of Masan. I dream about their chicken shawarma over hummus.

  3. This is it. FWIW my wife lived in Jordan and she swears that Pita Hut is the closest to the real thing that she's had in the States.

  4. I ordered their like regular hummus in a separate container and I wasn't too impressed. But whatever they put in their Shwarma is God tier

  5. Aladdin’s is my favorite hummus of all time, and the hot sauce is super extra good. Worth the price. Sometimes I just go there for the hummus and that’s it.

  6. I can’t believe nobody has mentioned Cafe Istanbul @ Easton. Their bread and hummus is amazing. By far the best hummus I’ve had on this side of the Med.

  7. Seconding this but not necessarily saying it’s the best hummus in town but it is really tasty. They have a cilantro hummus that I’ve never had anywhere else before.

  8. Brother, do yourself a favor, gather up a friend, and go to Happy Greek in the Short North. Hopefully on a cooler day, and sit back on their outdoor patio. Order the Happy Greek Combo (your choice of 4 different spreads, you can double up on any of them, my favorites are the hummus, Tzatziki, and Kopanisti). If you drink, add in a couple of their Greek Mojitos. While I love hummus, I can't say I've had many all over the city, but this ranks the best for me, and their patio is awesome.

  9. This is one of my favorite things to do in the Short North. Chill on their back patio on a nice day, order the Happy Greek Combo with extra hummus and pita and drink some Mythos lagers. I’ll have to try the Greek Mojito next time.

  10. We get their hummus anytime we have a party. Our group of friends has guessed that the secret to the hummus is kalamata olives added in—the black specks. So damn good.

  11. Not a restaurant, but darista dips makes pretty good hummus and more. I usually get them at Whole Foods on Lane, but I’ve seen them at the Grandview Giant Eagle

  12. Lashish the greek has really good greek food. Can’t say I remember their hummus but I feel like it goes hand in hand

  13. Might I suggest make your own, no one in Columbus offers a “hot” hummus and it’s really the best way to enjoy hummus imo.

  14. I just had the red pepper hummus from Hummus and Pita Co. in Hilliard. It was really good. My shawarma pita was excellent too! Highly recommend. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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