Ohio expands BMV services, offers online driver’s license renewal

  1. I really hope they require a 15-30min loading period for every page you load to give us the full BMV experience. If I don’t have to wait 3 hours to renew my license or my registration then I don’t want it. I can’t imagine a world where you would not have to commit a half or full day to fill out a simple form, and then get told they will mail you the card!

  2. It sounds like you're not getting their premium service. I usually get turned away for having the wrong documentation and have to go back the next day with ....CHECKS NOTES.... the same documents.

  3. Maybe it's bc I'm relatively young but I have literally never had to wait more than 15 minutes to talk to someone in a bmv office here

  4. i did it without my glasses once and i couldn't see shit, could tell that i couldn't see shit, but they gave me a pass

  5. You will have to go in every so many years 6 - 8 I think and take an eye exam. As long as your under 65

  6. Don't forget the service fee, handling fee, internet provider fee, electricity fee, server fee, IT support fee, web developer fee, software fee, and a 20% tip to the state lol. Man I hate doing stuff at the BMV. Everything costs just a little more here and there.

  7. Just renewed my tags for 5 years. figured do it this way since they keep hiking prices up each year. Curious how it'll work with the pita drivers license

  8. You're doing a renewal of whichever new format you opted to be issued. I'd imagine they will require some sort of capture-enabled device for your personal computer equipment.

  9. Southwest Blvd & Harrisburg Pike in Grove City. Never in there 20 mins tops no matter how many are ahead of you. Think it sometimes depends on what others are in there for. I have actually walked in there with no one but the clerks & myself in there. Of course this was before Covid when all HELL broke loose. Just the part no one else was in there & it wasn't early morning.. I am not a morning person by a long shot. But the rest of the times I have been there 20 mins as I mentioned before. Used to go to the one on Agler don't even know if it's there anymore or not. This was 90's early 2000 but never waited there very long either.

  10. i wonder if this only counts for drivers licenses or if you can use the service to renew your state id as well

  11. Gee, if only there was a more detailed article you could easily read to find the answers to simpler questions like those.

  12. Doesn’t really say, but I wonder if this works for first time Real ID but technically a renewal.

  13. I would assume no because it's a federal requirement you have to meet not a state requirement.

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