Groovy fashions at the brand new Lazarus store at Eastland Center in Columbus, OH, as photographed for Federated Department Stores’ annual report. The store opened in August 1967, preceding the rest of the mall by a few months. Photo courtesy of Pleasant Family Shopping on Facebook

  1. The little kid hiding under the mannequin would have been me. I was the kid trying to hide in the middle of the circular clothes rack while my mom yelled for me to "get over here, now".

  2. I always managed to get startled by not paying enough attention to mannequins and then assuming they were real, since actual shoppers would be dressed that well in those days. Today nobody would mistake a shopper in sweats or yoga pants for a mannequin, or vice-versa. And those circular clothes racks were my perfect hiding place too.

  3. My son loves this stuff too and he is only 17. He was asking me about northland last night on the way to the Morse road Burger King. He will go out and find old pictures of stores and areas.

  4. For generation, the original and as many thought of it, the “real” F. & .R. Lazarus store, was on the corner of S. High Street and Town, and was the place to shop. Then, in the 60s, Westland, Northland, and Eastland set the stage for the eventual demise of what was once the epitome of Columbus shopping.

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