Sheetz now up to 15 stores in Columbus Metro after location near John Glenn Airport opens

  1. custom breakfast sando and a large cold brew for under five bucks was starting to catch up with me. I almost signed up for the unlimited sodas but their locations aren't that convenient. Self Checkout is the number one winner for me!

  2. The location for me at the Hamilton / 161 is now the closest gas station. I haven't tried any of their food yet but in comparison to some of our Speedways, it's a pristine palace. +1 to them coming to our market.

  3. Just walked out of the one near the airport and I'm in love. I've missed Sheetz so much and I'm so happy they're here

  4. Can’t wait for the one at Polaris. They are supposed to build where arbys and one the most expensive gas stations around used to be. There are two sheetz in Delaware but not near my easier route home from work.

  5. I can’t wait for this location to open. They tore down the Arbys last year then completely stopped making progress. Also, I’m convinced that old gas station was a money laundering operation.

  6. It's 24/7/365. For being a convenience station, they have a fantastic food selection. On the universal scale of foodsfuffs, I would say the quality is somewhere above stadium food but not quite name brand fast food. Prices are what you would expect. They have been using touch screen ordering for years, so the system works pretty well and allows for a good level of customization. The ones by me are advertising $17.50 an hour so it seems they treat their employees decently.

  7. If you aren't the type of person that needs a 24/7 food location, or especially a late night gas station, or traveling a lot, you probably won't ever get what is great about it.

  8. I'm from NC and in a food desert town. It was great when my town didn't have a Starbucks, and I wanted iced coffee etc. their fries are really good and they just have so many options. their rewards are decent as well and you get ¢3 off of gas. Also many employees would give away the soda/slushies for free if that was the only thing you wanted. And with it being 24/7 very convenient late night

  9. I’m from the cleveland area so Sheetz was a big thing for us in highschool. Other than it being the only 24/7 food around (even holidays) the parking lots are huge so everyone would grab their snacks and hang out in theirs cars afterwards, they’re way cleaner than most convenience stores, and also is where we all developed Juul addictions when that was a thing. Would I want to hang out like that at the 161 Dublin/Grandville location? Probably not. But the New Albany and Delaware locations were both similar to what I experienced growing up. Without the nostalgia factor it really isn’t special

  10. I felt the same way, and just went to my first one, and the food was better than a sit down restaurant, imo.

  11. Made to Order food and their coffee is much much better than any other gas station chain in the area. I'm in and out of convenience stores often and Sheetz's hot offerings have replaced my spending at those other spots.

  12. I don’t get it either. The food wasn’t that good. Their fountain pop selection at Hamilton by Ricart was one small machine. Yes - newer and cleaner than Speedway which 7/11 just bought last year. Self checkout is nice but not a dealbreaker for me. Food was just meh.

  13. re: CMH location... get a breakfast sandwich after a lap dance across the street. In seriousness, gas there was 20 cents cheaper last weekend than the Sunoco just north and 10 cents cheaper than the Giant Eagle further north on Stelzer. I assume that was for the opening and will not be the usual.

  14. The one at 161/Busch Blvd consistently has gas $.20 cheaper than anywhere else around. And if you get a reward card via the app, you get an extra $.15 off for the first 90 days

  15. Their locations that are currently open are always slammed. I'm hoping once more locations open across the city, they won't always be so busy.

  16. What similar options cost less? Are you talking about McDonald's or Wendy's? If so, then the quality of food isn't close enough to compare them, in my opinion. Sheetz is way tastier and higher quality than the "similar options" I assume you're referring to. And Sheetz can't be more then 2$ or 3$ more than those options either. I just went there and got cheese stick and three sliders for less than 9$. A combo meal at McDs is like 7$.

  17. I like to check out Sheetz when it is convenient. We are in Grove City now, so a bit of a haul. Hope to get one on London Groveport eventually! It was a bit eye opening to the more exotic types of gas out there namely ethanol free and unleaded 88.

  18. If you’re closer to 62 exit and 270 Grove City they opened one on 270 and West Broad. I might stop in tomorrow to see what it’s all about. For some reason I had his notion it was like a Loves or something. That place never really did much for me, but with this Sheetz hype I’m intrigued.

  19. Any law enforcement looking to fill their quota will get it in 30 minutes at the Hamilton Road Sheets. Be careful if you are driving past the entrance.

  20. There are two open on Hamilton Rd already. Are you talking about the one on North Hamilton Road or are you talking about the location on South Hamilton Road?

  21. I think that is kinda there whole plan though. They have lots to buy inside, you can even sit down to eat while your car charges for an hour

  22. I’m pretty sure the airport location isn’t open yet. Things don’t look very complete at their construction site.

  23. can’t speak as to when they opened like OP did, but i went there today. the drive thru was a surprise to say the least

  24. Ugh, that southwest side swerve bums me out every time I see it. I have made it out to the Obetz location though! Fun little convenience store.

  25. My girlfriend brought me a Sheetz breakfast bagel sandwich with tater tots and hot sauce and a bunch more on it...that shit was amazing. Will probably be my go to for breakfast food on the go. I liked Tim Hortons but this shit was amazing.

  26. That site lists both the Roberts Road and Rome-Hilliard locations as being open, but neither has been built yet?

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