Looking for goth/alt friends/activities (:

  1. You might like spacebar. Also there’s a goth rave group that has events around town they’re called ‘church at the cathedral’ or something.

  2. Hi, elder goth checking in. Church is the best of the regular things going. SadBoyz runs at Skully’s but that venue is very sketchy (I know a lot of people who have had their drinks spiked there). AWOL used to have a great night that I loved, but I don’t know if that survived COVID. There are a fair number of oddities fairs that come through, and they typically have a lot of great stuff. Also check out the folks at Witchlab and the Magical Druid; they’re great and you might meet some kindred spirits there.

  3. I don't know anything about the goth scene but I'm a big history nerd. I could suggest some good possibly haunted stuff and cemeteries to visit! Studio 35 a movie theatre in Clintonville is supposed to have some ghosts. Your best bet might be a visit to the Ohio State Reformatory in Manfield.

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