Moving advice! (Help)

  1. I prefer Dublin over Powell. The bridge park district in Dublin keeps growing with plenty of mixed-use developments.

  2. Could not agree more ^ look into areas mentioned. Brewery district is also good. You’ll much prefer to be closer to downtown if you’re interested in night life and being close to most people your age

  3. Thanks for the advice! We both kind of like sticking to our own thing, and don’t mind driving 20-25 minutes to the city when we do want to do something. Will definitely look into those areas as well!

  4. isn't grandview extremely expensive even by cbus standards? mightve just been the part i saw

  5. Dublin, the bridge park area has a ton to do, and is very walkable. Powell is really nice but honestly, more for people with kids.

  6. As a 20 something your lifestyle will be a billion times more social in Dublin! And you’re an Uber away from everything on the central/west side. Powell, you’re stuck out there kind of.

  7. I don’t have a preference between the two but just wanted to pop by and say hey and welcome! My husband and I just moved to Columbus (Westerville area) in February after a few years in Kansas City after college. Hope you love it!

  8. Dublin and Powell are both where people like me (middle age, white, kids) live. Those people that used to hang in the short north and now the thought of being shoulder to shoulder in twink bars has gotten old. In bridge park, there will be people your age but most will be older (30s) going to happy hour for a bougie drink.

  9. I'd also consider where you'll be working. Depending on where you are the traffic can be horrendous. Like 23 north of 270 seems bad all the time now.

  10. I am late 30s and two kids. I will always recommend Powell for folks like me. Your situation? Dublin all the way.

  11. My boyfriend lives at bridge park in Dublin and there are soooo many restaurants to choose from!! Dublin in general is a great area too. Welcome to Columbus!!

  12. Awww I feel bad for saying it… but I agree with you. However OP said they really do like to stick around home and don’t mind a long-ish commute to go out. If that’s the case I’d say it’s not such a big deal to live further away.

  13. Definitely Dublin. They have been doing a lot of work to make downtown Dublin fun and accessible for a younger crowd. It’ll give you some time to explore the area, and Columbus in general.

  14. if you have to choose between those two, definitely go with the Dublin location... at least Dublin is in Franklin County. -definitely dont do Powell.

  15. Early 20s, move to Dublin for sure. You'll find everything in Dublin, and a lot of young adults go to bars/restaurants in Bridge Park

  16. Went through similar situation with my GF this summer, decided on Dublin. It is a little younger crowd and more to do. Both are great though.

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