Barber or men’s salon with drinks, etc

  1. I know this is a thing nowadays, but I can't imagine having a drink while at the barber shop, unless the drink happens beforehand in a separate area of the shop. As soon as I'm in the chair getting my hair cut, I'm completely covered in hair trimmings. Any open drink in my hand or anywhere in the vicinity would quickly get filled with hair. In fact, as soon as I'm done getting a haircut, the first thing I do is head home and shower to get all of the little hairs off of my face and neck, out of my ears, and off of my head.

  2. I thought the same. but, the first time i had a beer at my barber's back in Portland, I learned if you want to sip frequently (as you should!) you keep it covered under the bib thing and then take swift sips while the barber gets a new look or an attachment, etc. The drink is just a treat for me, as I only get my hair cut a half dozen times a year, so I like to go all out and feel like a gangster. also its my birthday soon.

  3. I believe they stopped the free drinks as a result of the pandemic. They may have started again but I have not been in a while.

  4. Holy Moses has like... Changed my perspective on where haircuts fall in my overall worldview. It is LEGIT.

  5. Good fellows? Never had a drink myself but I’ve seen them available. They offer the hot towel as well. Maybe check the site or call to be sure.

  6. well i went with a reservation at Niko's because they had availability, and I like german village. afterwards i can walk to another interesting place for a happy hour with my new 'do

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