Club Q shooter identifies as non-bianary, uses they/ them pronouns according to attorneys

  1. This piece of information will very quickly erase this tragedy from the collective memory, if you know what I mean.

  2. Right, does it really matter if you’re a part of the very same people you hate? Still targeted, still hateful.

  3. and unlike the right, we still admonish them for what they did. You know why? Because normal people won't tolerate crime regardless who commits it.

  4. Fuck em. I heard they got the absolute living shit beat out of em. Now I hope they rot in prison for the rest of their natural born life.

  5. As a queer person from COS, this is absolutely appalling and disgusting. It’s true that the perp might identify this way, but I highly doubt it. Seems either 1) too convenient and wants to drop the hate crimes charges and/or 2) is openly mocking us.

  6. Absolutely just trying to get the hate charges dropped. The lawyer probably believe non-binary is a lot harder to disprove than if the kid claimed to be queer or trans.

  7. More people need to recognize this instead of taking his defense attorneys statement at face value. Especially considering the fact that he used homophobic slurs when going into a rage with his mother.

  8. Perhaps wild speculation with little or no information is not a good way to report on or talk about events like this shooting.

  9. This could be true about this person, and it could also be a ploy to try to get rid of the hate crime charges by the defense. Right now, I'm putting this in the category of how the Planned Parenthood shooter here in 2015 was allegedly a transgendered leftist as originally reported by the Gateway Pundit before the gender misclassification on that assholes DL was determined to be a clerical error. More information will come out over time. But the violent rhetoric of the right is absolutely killing people in marginalized communities across this nation.

  10. Thinking this guy's public defender has already been appointed and met with the shooter and started a media blitz to try and sway public opinion is naive at best.

  11. Maybe. I guess. Follow the logic though. You're the lawyer for this person... What does this play get you? Wouldn't it lead to judgment/decision toward multiple homicide rather than homicide motivated by hate crimes? Would that significantly impact conviction? Mass shooting perpetrators are still a paramount risk to society at large and still result in the heaviest of convictions. What does this achieve?

  12. A hate crime can still be committed by someone that is part of that community. They can hate themselves and hate their group for being who they are.

  13. They can still get fucked. They’re a murderer. They’re responsible so causing a rift in the community which is coming back together stronger despite their actions. They. Can. Rot.

  14. They’re just trying to turn this into the same thing they do as their “black on black crime” narrative.

  15. Sounds like a right wing strategy to point the blame at the lgbtq community and "their violence". Distract from any claims that it's part of right wing violence.

  16. Whether it’s a right wing strategy or not. The right wing media is for sure gonna eat this up and point fingers. We won’t hear the end if it. This is just the break the they need to push an agenda.

  17. I seriously doubt that. They are likely looking into social media and employment, because you can't just change your pronouns because you got caught.

  18. Trump was the first successful presidential canidate from any party to win by running on a LGBTQ equal rights platform. Even Obama was against gay marriage.

  19. I wonder if there’s any historically accurate context here or if THEY started identifying as nonbinary as soon as those cuffs were put on? 😒

  20. They should get the chair. They won’t. The State of Colorado does not have a death penalty. So for the rest of their lives everyone in Colorado will pay to support this person.

  21. Which is cheaper than us supporting the death penalty. The cost of mandatory appeals pushes the cost of a death penalty case way past anything resembling the cost of life in prison. Never mind the ethical cost.

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