If you use op weapons in games like cod you have absolutely 0 skill

  1. So, let me get this straight, if I like the Kar98K because it’s an iconic sniper rifle that I’ve had the pleasure of shooting irl and I just love the design and feel of the gun in game, and if it gets buffed then I have to stop using it?

  2. lmgs and smgs are the most no skill classes in this game,with snipers I try to quickscope but I almost always get hit markers and it’s gay as shit so that’s why I use the type 63 lmao

  3. Tbh i get what u say but with the right strat Perks and movement Camper cant do shit what ur basically saying is everyone that doesn't use ur weapons is shit ur the type off guy that would say rymms is cheating

  4. Op there are only a few guns that are overpowered but some over powered guns actually need skill to use like crossbow (shadow hunter) like for it if you miss your shot you pretty much are are dead or if you are fighting a group you are dead.

  5. Every gun has their Pros and cons. Lmgs are powerfull but are sow to maneuver and aim. Smgs are only effective short to medium range. Tac rifles are all around effective but require more precision aiming. Snipers are a little unbalanced but if you miss your shot you deal with the consequences. With melee weapons, you are literally bringing a knife to a gun fight. You can't win every match in COD, that's just not how it works. If something isn't working against an enemy, change your strategy.

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