Ohio House Republicans propose bill legalizing marijuana for recreational use

  1. It would be pretty sweet to go to the dispensary a tenth of a mile from where I live instead of driving to Michigan.

  2. I have friends in places where it is legal and this kills me just so, so, so much. I have to jump through a bunch of hoops anymore, meanwhile they're walking to the store and get tons of options.

  3. You spend more driving to Michigan than it would be to just get a medical card in Ohio. It takes like 15 min lol. Veriheal.com

  4. Ohio Cannabis Connection. I’m not affiliated with them or anything but I got my medical card same day. If you want convenience, just get the card. It’s pretty easy to go to a doctor and have them diagnose you with some sort of pain. PTSD and anxiety can also usually be proven in a lot of folks. If you’re willing to pay higher prices, it’s worth it. I have 2 dispos within walking distance, 5 within 20 minutes or less of driving.

  5. Politically the easiest decision either party could make. Polls at some 70%. The fact that it hasn’t been done at the federal level yet is truly shocking

  6. Same exact story as with them passing the medical marijuana legalization. They can see the writing on the wall, recreational use is going to be legalized and they have two choices. Sit back and let an outside group write the law and collect enough signatures to get it on the ballot OR write the law the way they want it and pass it. The article says people will be allowed to grow six plants but I've read elsewhere that only two can be flowering at any time. I believe there's also limits on how much and who it can be distributed to. One of the private groups wants to make it "as legal as lettuce". Also I can see Republicans not wanting it on the ballot during the midterm elections.

  7. Why not use the extra tax revenue to lower or just do away with state income tax? It’s ridiculous that we pay federal state and local. I’m from Ohio but have lived in Texas and Washington state and at neither did I pay state or local income taxes.

  8. The catch is that the 10% tax funds "will be split between law enforcement (25%), mental health services (25%), and the state’s general fund (50%)". The Democrat-sponsored bill that has been in committee for THREE months will "direct funds into communities where dispensaries and grow sites are located, for K-12 schools, veterans’ programs, and infrastructure."

  9. Need Retroactive decriminalization. At this very moment people are sitting in prison for something that can be legally purchased.

  10. It's fun talking to employers about a felony for something that is now an extremely profitable practice for 12 corporations in Ohio.

  11. It's basically a counter to the more open Democratic party bill. Recreational would be offered in the same dispensaries as medicinal, the state would evaluate and approve new dispensaries and growers as needed, and the state would control every aspect from front to back like they do with Ohio's restrictive liquor control agency. They want to control who, what, when, why, and how much. It's definitely the less 'free market' and 'laissez faire' of the two bills right now. They're trying to beat the midterm ballot option which is much more free and fair to consumers.

  12. either way, it will be wildly easier to adjust once the switch is flipped. would be wise for Dems to get on board with this if they can't get something else through with certainty.

  13. Is it like that time they tied allowing "Casinos to fund Schools" -- except they were only providing the money for the extremely limited 7 licenses, which they hand-selected several companies to purchase for only $100k instead of a competitive auction on the free market?

  14. I'm at the dispensary weekly and there's lines out the door everytime. Legalize it recreationally and use the tax dollars intelligently. End corruption first they're mis using our tax dollars for electricity let alone revenue generated from this. Cunts.

  15. Do you go at the busiest times? I never get stuck in line and I go to the popular dispensaries close to the city all the time.

  16. We have to consider that we will never get a perfect bill proposed for this. We need to get it legalized and then work to get the law changed for the better. If we are fighting over a perfect solution we'll never see this happen.

  17. Exactly. We had the chance to do it last time but people were all up in arms about only certain companies being allowed in for sale. Marijuana legalization is not always perfect out the gate. It takes getting your foot in the door legalizing it first to then make positive changes. It isn't set in stone.

  18. Look, who cares who's doing it or what the limits are. Once it's legalized everything falls in line. You think they're going to poke around South Euclid making sure that Joe Doe isn't growing anything? Once it's legal everything falls by the wayside.

  19. When I wake up, I pray that I’m still sleeping and having a nightmare. But then the horror of the Republican Nazi place we live comes into focus😳

  20. Only bad part is they will screw it up and tax it and have a bunch of regulations for it. It needs ti be decriminalized and then left alone. "Regulate it like onions" -Larry Sharpe, Libertarian

  21. The Democrats should campaign hard on legalizing marijuana. Gotta get the vote out somehow, but of course, they'll cede the issue to the GOP.

  22. Man, the GQP must really be feeling like they're losing some ground if this is suddenly out there. Or does Jim Jordan own shares in a grow house now?

  23. I've got 5 on it, grab yo 4 0 and let's get geeked. I've got 5 on it, nothing but that indo weed, I've got 5 on it, it's me stuck and I'm not going back, I've got 5 on it, nah let's go half on a sack!

  24. It truly is bizarre after being told for years that cannabis use is immoral and should be punished by the law, that all of a sudden it must not be too bad if rich people can get richer on it. Nonetheless, we are long overdue for it.

  25. Chronic insomnia and delayed sleep phase syndrome, actually. Couldn't be able live life normally without it. We've criminalized this plant for too long, enough's enough already.

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