Spawning Mega Knight Should Be More Difficult Like This

  1. You can defend MK with literally just a valk/mini pekka/knight/gob cage/ice golem+bats on your side for around half the elixir it cost to put him on the field.

  2. Alright, ignoring the fact that this is a joke, and that it obviously shouldn’t actually happen - this balance change would fix Mega Knight’s dominance in low ladder without changing his viability much in the hands of competent players.

  3. If you think making a card not spawn precisely where you play him is going to hurt low skill players more than the good ones then you don't understand why those players are where they are.

  4. Supercell: “We heard you community and we completely agree, our Mega Mustache needs a Mega rework! We have listened and implemented the idea that YOU suggested.”

  5. Maybe to make it look better just show the full radius of where it can spawn and it'll pick a random location in that area. Also it could have extra red area on your side of the arena so that the megaknight won't spawn on the enemy side

  6. (From midlander) FUCK YES! Or a delay like the delivery. I mean I’m unphased either way because I have hard counters but yeah

  7. no. literally makes me want to kill myself just watching this and i havnt upgraded my megaknight from lvl 11. im nearly max lvl 14

  8. Some people say mega knight should be buffed some say it should be nerfed. Its really fine and this is horrible mk actually kinda weak for 7 elixir

  9. New will be good opportunity which would make cr more anxious when someone deploys mega knight on your lengthy push

  10. I used to think you were an idiot now I finally realized its all a troll its waay to fucking high effort for a shitpost man

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