What games are you wanting Civvie to cover?

  1. I'd love for Civvie to have a crack at the Timesplitters games. Although for a Wildcard choice, I think it would be a fun detour if he played Metroid Prime.

  2. I still hope for one day he does. But the first game isn't good. 2 just did everything better and is the one everyone should start with.

  3. Oooh. That may be a choice. Since Mandalore covered it.. maybe Civvie will too someday. Civvie DID mention Marathon in his Half Life video, so it may happen.

  4. I have fond childhood memories of Damage Incorporated, built off the marathon engine, that I'd love to see done by Civvie11.

  5. Agreed on Keen, SoF, Duke 1/2 and a few others there. Also I’d love if he did Supplice (when it’s out), XS, and maybe the mech warrior series? Also some 6dof games like Descent and Forsaken might be interesting.

  6. In addition to your list, I think he's brought up Kingpin in passing a few times. Maybe some of the old Bullfrog games. Maybe the old Ultima Underworld games.

  7. Either NAM(known as napalm sometimes) or WWII GI because those games were made by xatrix entertainment and you know what xatrix can do when it comes to build games

  8. Unless I see proof, I do not think Xatrix made WWII GI and NAM. It was TNT Team (Not to be confused with Team TNT Final DOOM one). But, these are good choices.

  9. I feel like he talked about duke nukem 1 and 2 plenty in the prelude for duke 3D. I dont think hes gonna do a deep dive for those games. Seems like he covered it about as much as he would like

  10. He did Aliens Colonial Marines way back in the day. It’s in the Unwatchables playlist but it’s honestly not bad.

  11. I agree with all of these, except for Colonial Marines. That was covered.. unless you are mentioning a remaster of the Aliens Colonial Marines video. Honestly, ALL of his old videos should be remastered.

  12. Ya know what I would love to hear his opinion on is the old point and clock game Harvester. I once heard it described as “Twin Peaks as directed by Uwe Boll” and considering the sheer amount of Twin Peaks and Postal Movie references on his channel I feel like he would legitimately get a kick out of it.

  13. Oooh I forgot to mention Painkiller. He also mentioned it in a video before. Painkiller would be perfect for him.

  14. I don't think he'll do Duke Nukum. He briefly mentions it in Duke Nukem 3D video, and he covered Bio Menace that is like Duke but... different.

  15. While I do not agree with the first paragraph, I can see where you are coming from. And for the low chaos part.. maybe he will considering how thief in his videos worked. AVP 2 Primal Hunt was good also. Wang, he definitely WILL cover. Sometime in the future anyway.

  16. I feel like Ross Scott could cover it, since a few scumhead games are on his list. And considering Civvie takes inspiration from Ross..

  17. I've been seeing some Fallout 4 stuff on his channel, so maybe some Fallout classic stuff. Probably won't happen since they're pure rpg

  18. You've already mentioned a couple on that list. But I also realize that he gets constant requests and generally can't be bothered with them.

  19. Ohh yes. But, like I said before, this list is just to throw out there. People asking Civvie stuff is not the intention in the slightest.

  20. id really like to see the AVP games,, but the alone in the dark game that came out on ps3/xbox360/pc which amazing soundtrack, plays like ass and is meant to be a spooky game

  21. Medal of Honour Allied Assault. Maybe not liked by most of the audience, and perhaps Civvie, but was, together with Aliens Vs Predator 2, my entry to the FPS genre.

  22. I know it doesn't fit in with the main genre he tends to cover but I'd love to see him talking about classic point and click adventures.

  23. I have the greatest trust in civvies prison guards to force him to play the most entertaining games for the maximum of viewer numbers and profit

  24. I know he has a bit in a Blood video where he yells at Katie to shut up for suggesting Red Faction, but I want to know why.

  25. I know he said it was not really profitable, but I would love to see Petty Thief 3, Petty Dishonored 1 and 2 (with their DLCs too if possible), Petty Filcher, and Petty Gloomwood when it releases. And Petty Splinter Cell I guess...

  26. I don't think he will do Filcher and or Splinter Cell. Don't think he's into that kind of stealth, but indeed if he does, it'd be Amazing. Love all the other choices too.

  27. All interesting choices. I don't think Ethnic Cleansing will be covered though. It's a very offensive game. A game I can see Civvie Covering is a game called "Schizm Mysterious Journey". It's like Starship Titanic, but better. I got the idea because of another person in this very comment section who reminded me of it. Played it on steam now!

  28. These are all good. I'd add System Shock 2 as the progenitor of modern scifi horror shooters. Plus, I'm really curious if he picks up anything about it familiarity wise given his love of Thief.

  29. I bet he would do Alyx over HL2. Pull a Valve and don't do a sequel we want but another thing entirely. Gotta relate to the product right? lol

  30. Wolfenstein 2009 made by Ravensoft, it’s basically the forgotten game in the series yet is still co side red cannon in The New Order.

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