How to be a absolute menace to my friends?

  1. Khmer are probably the strongest civ in the game if they give you enough time to establish your religion and you get work ethic. You'll grow so fast that you'll have 4-5 cities before they even find you, if you play your cards right.

  2. Join sanguine pact and feed scouts to your vampire(s) until their combat strength dwarfs any other unit currently available, then go on a killing spree

  3. Optimize, plan your cities out ahead of time, think about your actions, time your builds, don't waste production, if you're playing with AI abuse trades, don't waste resources on stuff that don't benefit your game plan.

  4. Eleanor/France and go voidsingers. Try to get buckets of great works, including the relics from the cultists. Then you just let your friends build up their cities and you steal them

  5. Seconding Khmer. Secure a religion, go all in on faith economy knowing food and housing are super taken care of. Gain enough faith to pick off great people as needed.

  6. I love using Magnus and industrial hubs and factory stacking, specifically as Germany. My capital ends up with more production then entire countries. Mix that with Ruhr and people will cuss at you.

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