Why are they spawning on the highway😭😭

  1. This advice cannot be overrated. Each outside connection will send a separate train to each station with "enabled outside connections" turned on, which means you'll have a ton of trains which could have been consolidated by having them stop at multiple stations

  2. I’m not understanding this. So you drop a station at the edge of the map, allow only outside trains there so all outside trains drop people there to transfer to a local train so you avoid outside trains clogging the internal networks?

  3. Yes! I love doing this in combination with a park and ride station near the highway entrances to bring people into my cities with the old town policy enabled. It really cuts down on traffic, and I can have enough parking on the outskirts to accommodate people with TMPE to avoid issues in the city.

  4. Because you’re using mods to access and expose an area that is outside of the inner 25 tiles you can unlock in the vanilla game and hidden by edge fog.

  5. That's how CS does it, You don't normally see this since they're covered with fog, since you have mods and you removed them, now you know their secret. Looks hilarious the first time I saw it, wait til you see them lining up in train tracks border of your city

  6. People walk into the map, pull a vehicle out of their pocket and drive into your city. You’re at the outer edge that you’re not supposed to see. Go watch the trains come and go.

  7. The year is 1973. Due to global oil shortages several country introduce car-free Sundays and people picnic on highways

  8. Its annoying stuff like this happends, but the reason why it happends is because of the massive amount of immigration 7k+ citizens this month alone. Build the spacestation near good public transport and its fixed, although ur PT will be overwhelmed for a while.

  9. On an unrelated topic by looking at the screenshot, just curious if there are any road accidents in Cities? Meaning this will lead to traffic and also ambulances/police cars and stuff?

  10. No, there isn't. It was part of the original "no disasters" design philosophy to distance themselves from SimCity. If you want proper traffic accidents, you need to play SimCity 4 and enable nodespawn in the configuration files

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